Celebrity Cruise Ship Rescues Stranded Sailors

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After this week’s tragic bus accident in Mexico involving cruise ship passengers, we could all use some heartwarming news – especially some that involves saving lives.

Captain Kate McCue, the first American female cruise ship captain, is making more headlines this week after her crew’s harrowing rescue.

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Photo via Instagram.com/captainkatemccue

While sailing in the Southern Caribbean sea from Antigua to Curaçao on December 16, Captain McCue’s Celebrity Summit responded to a distress call from a nearby sailboat. One of the ship’s tenders was launched to transport the six surviving sailors back to the cruise ship.

As it turns out, the survivors had spent over a month at sea. Amazingly, they had spent the previous 6 days without food. According to a post on CruiseCritic.com by user “need2bespoiled”, the sailors were heading to Guadeloupe from Haiti when they lost their rudder and sails and were taking on water. The same post also claims a few other ships ignored the sailors’ mayday calls and that the sailors planned to jump in the water if not rescued.

After receiving first aid and gifts from crew, the survivors debarked when Summit docked in Curaçao.

And the best part of the entire story? Two of the surviving women were pregnant, bringing the total number saved to eight.

To see a video clip of the rescue, check out Captain McCue’s Instagram page: @captainkatemccue

Call of Duty… ???? . The right place, at the right time, with the right people. . Words cannot describe how the crew came through during this. From donating clothes, time, and even their own money to help out in whatever way they could. In the midst of the holiday season, I can’t imagine a better place to be than surrounded by these truly amazing people! The same goes for our wonderful guests as I have received letter after letter offering anything they might be able to do for those rescued. This is the reason for the season. Celebrate the good around you & take some time to hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight. . #circleoflife #theworldatyourservice #safetyoflifeatsea #mayday #best #crew #love #life #searchandrescue #atsea #stnicholas #christmasmiracle #celebritysummit @celebritycruises #captain #makingways #tidalways #seastheday #attitudeofgratitude #coolmariners #humansatsea #callofduty #onemillionactsofgood

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Launched in 2001, the 2,400-guest Celebrity Summit spends the winter months sailing Eastern and Southern Caribbean voyages out of San Juan, Puerto Rico and Port Everglades, Florida.

Photo via Flickr/Creative Commons

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