Celebrity Infinity Cruise Review 2024 + News [Podcast]

In this episode of Cruise Radio, Doug Parker and Richard Sims discuss the repercussions of the collapse of the Baltimore Bridge on the cruise industry, Carnival’s plans for a fifth XL class ship, and the extended arrangement with the port of Jacksonville.

celebrity infinity cruise ship
Celebrity Infinity

They also cover the Viking Sky incident from 2019 and the recent misfortunes of Carnival Freedom.

Emma from Emma Cruises reviews her experience on the Celebrity Infinity, describing a last-minute booking for a sun-filled escape.

She details the ease of embarkation, her impressions of the ship, her balcony stateroom, and the dining options, including the buffet and main dining room. Emma also comments on the ship’s older aesthetic, the technology in her room, and the overall service quality.

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emma cruises doug parker cruise radio
Emma and Doug in Athens, Greece.
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Celebrity Infinity review timestamps:

  • Baltimore Bridge Collapse Impact (00:00:36) Discussion on the impact of the Baltimore bridge collapse on the city, port, and cruise ships.
  • Carnival’s Fifth XL Class Ship (00:04:35) Announcement and details of Carnival’s decision to order a fifth XL class ship.
  • Carnival’s Extension at Jacksonville Port (00:08:08) Extension of Carnival’s operations at the Jacksonville port through 2026 and potential extension to 2030.
  • Viking Sky Incident Report (00:09:31) Revelation of the safety issues and lack of crew training contributing to the 2019 incident aboard the Viking Sky.
  • Carnival Freedom’s Recent Incidents (00:11:58) Incidents involving Carnival Freedom, including a fire and lightning strike, led to cruise cancellations.
  • Carnival’s Earnings Report and Impact of Incidents (00:14:42) Discussion of Carnival’s earnings report and the potential impact of recent incidents on future earnings.
  • Embarkation process and ship impressions (00:17:00) Emma’s experience boarding the Celebrity Infinity and her initial impressions of the ship’s design.
  • Stateroom and cruise booking (00:20:39) Emma’s decision to book a balcony cabin and her thoughts on the last-minute cruise deal.
  • Dining experiences (00:22:52) Emma’s review of the buffet, main dining room, and specialty dining options during the 11-night cruise.
  • Entertainment and activities (00:26:21) Emma’s take on the theater shows, nightlife, and lounges, as well as the ship’s casino and sea day experiences.
  • Port of call highlights (00:28:57) Emma’s experiences in Thessaloniki and Kusadasi, including the weather, sightseeing, and local attractions.
  • Ephesus Tour and Rug Factory (00:30:10) Speaker 2 shares their experience of visiting Ephesus and being taken to a rug factory, where unexpected sales occurred.
  • Ports of Call (00:31:00) Limassol, Rhodes, Crete, and highlight each location’s unique experiences.
  • Athens and Ship Experience (00:32:35) Overnight stay in Athens and the experience on the Celebrity Infinity, emphasizing the ship’s smaller size.
  • Travel Tips and Ship Highlights (00:33:43) Emma offers recommendations for cruising the Mediterranean and shares their overall impression of the Celebrity Infinity.
  • Final Thoughts on Celebrity Infinity (00:36:15) Emma reviews the Celebrity Infinity, emphasizing the ship’s upkeep and personal interactions with the crew.

You can catch Emma’s upcoming sailings and reviews on the Emma Cruises YouTube channel.

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