Celebrity Pass: VIP Boarding, Speedy Wi-Fi, and More for a Daily Fee

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Passengers with upcoming itineraries with Celebrity Cruises have begun receiving an offer for a ‘Celebrity Pass.’ The VIP pass provides priority embarkation and debarkation, upgraded Wi-Fi access, and more for $32.99 daily.

Celebrity Equinox cruise ship

The notification sent to booked passengers and in the company’s loyalty program, Captain’s Club, reads, “On vacation, the little things can make a big difference. That’s why we’ve introduced the Celebrity Pass—your ticket to unrivaled convenience, exclusivity, and extraordinary experiences.”

It promises “a new level of VIP treatment, including premium amenities, and even more personalized service.”

Celebrity Pass Includes:

The program’s biggest draws are upgrades to the ship’s premium Wi-Fi for up to two devices per passenger, priority embarkation, priority debarkation at tender ports, an exclusive welcome lunch, waived room service fees, and reserved seating during formal Evening Chic nights.

Cruise Radio has yet to confirm if it’s available across the fleet or only on select voyages. We’ve learned through our tip line that it’s been offered on several reservations, and the price is consistent at $32.99 per day.

“It sounds like The Key”

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If the Celebrity Pass sounds familiar, it should. Several cruisers couldn’t help but compare the Celebrity Pass to The Key, another special perks program that Royal Caribbean rolled out in 2018.

This doesn’t come as a surprise since Celebrity Cruises is its sister company under Royal Caribbean International. 

The Key has almost the same benefits, including bag drop-off and fast-lane access to onboard activities. The price of The Key varies from over $20 to around $45 per person per day.

Almost like Faster to the Fun

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Meanwhile, competitor Carnival Cruise Line has its own version of the program with Faster to the Fun (FTTF). It essentially offers the same basic VIP features.

Its prices, scheduled to increase in 2024, are based on the length of the cruise. The program will increase prices next year. Voyages over nine days will cost $189.95.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase (or not purchase) exclusive programs like these depends on the preferences of each passenger. Many cruisers get them for faster Wi-Fi access and priority embarkation, but not everyone finds them worth the extra expense.

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