Cruise News Today – June 12, 2023 [VIDEO]

Cruise Ship Fire Investigation Complete 

We are learning more about the cruise ship that caught fire while sailing in Glacier Bay, Alaska last week. 

After completing the post-fire inspection on Wilderness Adventurer, the line released a statement, 

“The port main engine wet exhaust mufflers were the source of the heat/fire. 

The area damaged by heat is the size of a small chest freezer and contained between two deep frames on the port side of the engine room.”

It went on to say most of the damage came from smoke and soot. 

On June 5th, a fire on the vessel sparked the captain to order an abandoned ship; luckily, the Sapphire Princess was in the area and was able to pick up the 67 guests and crew. 

The UnCruise Adventure ship is now being repaired and cleaned at a shipyard. 

Carnival Gets Facial Recognition  

Carnival Cruise Line is set for facial recognition technology at Manhattan Cruise Terminal in New York City this Wednesday.

The technology will allow passengers to leave vessels rapidly instead of having to go to an in-person customs agent. 

Facial recognition will start on Carnival Venezia for guests embarking on a four-day round-trip to Bermuda from New York later this week. 

Passengers carrying US passports can use one of eight kiosks that will be accessible with facial recognition. 

Cruise Line Loses Lawsuit

Cruise Line lost a lawsuit and was forced to pay over 20 million dollars. 

Scenic has agreed to pay $26 million in compensation to a group of 1,200 passengers who had filed a class action lawsuit against them related to river cruising operations in Europe. 

The lawsuit, which was filed almost ten years ago in Australia, was because the line failed to deliver during changing river levels in 2013. 

Instead of canceling the voyages, the river ships were operated by land, using buses. 

The company’s decision caused affected guests to incur financial losses, which led to the class action lawsuit. 

The Scenic Group has additionally agreed to pay $3 million AUD towards the legal fees.

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