Cruise News Today – June 22, 2023 [VIDEO]

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Princess Cruises cuts back on perks

Princess Cruises recently unveiled changes to its shareholder and military benefits program, which isn’t good for guests who have military service and are shareholders. 

Previously, shareholders owning 100 or more shares of Carnival Corporation, the parent company of Princess Cruises, could couple onboard credits with military benefits. 

Starting June 29, 2023, that is all going to change. 

Under a newly introduced policy, qualifying individuals who are military members and shareholders will have to choose between the two types of credits, as the combination of both will no longer be allowed. 

Two ships are being sold off this fall

Two cruise ships are being sold. 

American Queen Voyages announced plans to withdraw its two 202-passenger ships, Ocean Navigator and Ocean Voyager, from the Great Lakes to prioritize its river cruises. 

While the scheduled cruises on the Great Lakes will continue until November 2023, the company intends to sell the two ships and halt their operation in the Great Lakes for 2024 and 2025. 

This strategic shift will allow the cruise line to concentrate its resources on enhancing its river cruise itineraries and ships.

A bumpy ride out for Royal Caribbean

Video is surfacing on social media of a pretty wild sail away from Central Florida on Friday. 

A sudden storm put Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas in a wind tunnel as it was departing from Port Canaveral, Florida. 

“On Friday, June 16, while departing from Port Canaveral, Independence of the Seas encountered a sudden gust of high winds. This lasted for a brief period, and there were no serious injuries to our guests or crew.”

Independence of the Seas continued its regularly scheduled 3-night itinerary, arriving at Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas on Saturday morning.

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