Cruise News Today — June 29, 2023 [VIDEO]

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Big Day for the Port of Rome

The Port of Civitavecchia experienced a bustling day as six cruise ships docked, bringing in a total of 31,000 passengers. 

These ships included the Costa Fortuna from Costa Cruises, the MSC Seashore, Norwegian Breakaway, Oceania Vista, Odyssey of the Seas, and the Viking Sea. 

The Civitavecchia is the cruise port for Rome. 

Italy Searches for American Tourist

And speaking of Rome and if you’re one of the millions of people there in summer you may want to keep your hands to yourself. 

A tourist named Ivan could face up to five years in prison and a hefty fine after scratching his and his girlfriend’s names and the date onto a wall of the historic Colosseum in Rome. 

Another tourist caught The act on video and shared it online, causing backlash and official condemnation. 

The country’s specialized force is working with the military police to track down Ivan. 

If caught, Ivan could face a 5,000 dollar fine. 

Meet the Robot That Builds Ships

And meet the robot that could be building the next cruise ship you sail. 

Fincantieri and Comau have teamed up to introduce the MR4Weld, the first-ever outdoor welding robot for shipyards. 

This cutting-edge tool aims to boost work quality, efficiency, and the well-being of workers during strenuous welding tasks. 

The MR4Weld is designed to autonomously weld steel structures, working three times faster than humans.

It’s equipped with a vision system that can automatically spot welding joints, and is designed to work safely alongside human workers. 

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