Disney Cruise Line Quacks Down on Cruise Ducks

Disney Cruise Line has made it clear to guests that the only ducks it wants to see aboard its ships are the Donald and Daisy characters.

The cruise line has addressed the craze of bringing (and then hiding) plastic ducks on cruise ships.

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While not an outright ban, Disney prefers that guests don’t bring ducks aboard. “Pool toys, including rubber ducks, are not permitted to be used in the pools,” it said. “We kindly request that guests are not allowed to hide items such as rubber ducks in public areas or staterooms.”

Messages on the planDisney guest request platform say Disney crew members are now removing rubber ducks they find hidden on ships.

However, Disney didn’t say it would punish guests they find hiding ducks. While it is a common pastime on many ships of other lines, DCL is the first to address the issue and openly discourage it.

Duck Scavenger Hunt Began Several Years Ago

The fad began a few years ago and has become an informal scavenger hunt at sea. Guests hide them aboard ships while others hunt for them. The “game” has spread to most major cruise lines.

These ducks often come with a note encouraging the finder to take the duck home or re-hide it for another guest to discover.

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The idea quickly gained popularity among cruise enthusiasts as a way to connect with fellow passengers and create a community spirit onboard.

The popularity eventually morphed into a Facebook group with hundreds of thousands of duck hiders-and-seekers.

“Many of the crew love finding the ducks and have them in their cabins,” John Heald, Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador said. “We have absolutely no problem with guests leaving them as we do think it’s fun.”

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