How to Give the Gift of Travel this Christmas

Deciding what to give your loved ones for Christmas is not always an easy task.  Finding something they would like, something useful, and something you can afford can be a tricky recipe to pull together.  One gift that is perfect for anyone who likes to travel – is the gift of travel itself.

Studies are showing that the holiday season brings thoughts of traveling to the forefront of many people’s minds.  US consumers are expected to spend 10 percent more during this year’s season compared to last year, with almost half of the total holiday budget going to travel and entertainment.  As for people’s wish lists? 31 percent said they’d like experiential gifts of travel and entertainment.

Travel Leaders – America’s largest retail travel agency brand – has come up with a list of recommendations for giving the gift of travel.

1. TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry

If a traveler hasn’t yet signed up for the service that lets you get through security faster, offer to pay it for them.  TSA pre-check costs $80 for a 5-year clearance, and Global Entry for international travel costs $100 for 5-years AND includes TSA pre-check.

2. Pay for a Passport

While you can’t actually physically go and get a passport for someone else (hello, security risks!), you can pay for someone to begin the process for theirs.  They cost $110, and an adult passport is good for 10 years.

3. Airline Tickets

Most major airlines offer gift cards, so why not send someone enough for a fun getaway somewhere, or on a trek home to see the family?  Each airline has different terms and conditions, but generally gift cards can only be used to pay for transportation, not services such as baggage fees.

4. Airport Lounge Pass

For the frequent flyer, an airport lounge pass could be just what they need to feel less stressed during time in the airport.  Since most lounges offer free food and drinks and wifi, it can quickly pay itself off for the most frequent travelers.

5. Set Sail on a Cruise

Along with airlines, most cruise lines also offer gift cards.  In addition to helping pay for the trip itself, they can be redeemed for onboard spa treatments, specialty restaurants, merchandise at the gift shops, and sometimes even a shore excursion.

6. All-Inclusive Family Resorts

Spending the Christmas season with the family is always special.  Why not move it from someone’s house to an exotic destination at an all-inclusive resort?  One person doesn’t have to pay for the whole family, but can contribute toward the cost or an added amenity.  Best part is: no one has to clean or prep for dinners and entertainment!

7. Destinations to Choose From

For those who want to give an actual travel package to someone they love, that’s possible too.  Travel agents can help you put together the perfect package for anyone and tailor it to their needs and preferences.

What go-to gifts do you like to give the frequent traveler in your life?

Information: PR Web

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