Is “Murdered” Cruise Passenger Actually Alive?

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After spending fourteen months in an Italian jail, a man suspected of killing his wife while they were on a cruise insists not only that he is innocent of murder… but that she is alive and well and living in China.

“I Didn’t Kill My Wife!”

Daniel Belling of Dublin, Ireland, was arrested back in February 0f 2017 after his wife, Xing Lei Li, went missing during a 10-day cruise they were taking with their children on the MSC Magnifica. Belling was later arrested trying to board a plane from Rome to Dublin and has been in custody ever since. “I have been in jail for 14 months,” he told the Irish Mirror, “accused of something which I didn’t do, and now I want to see my children and clear my name.”

Belling does have a theory as to what happened to his wife, but it doesn’t involve him committing murder or even her meeting with foul play through other means. “My wife always said she wanted to go back to China,” he told the paper, “and that’s where I believe she is.”

According to Belling, this development would not surprise him in the least. “Her desire to leave us was always there, and the cruise was the perfect way for her to escape,” he theorized. “She told me she was getting off the ship because she had business meetings in Greece with the Chinese community there.”

About a month after Belling’s wife went missing, a body was found inside a suitcase at an Italian marina, but tests later proved it was not his missing wife. “I just don’t understand why they kept me in jail for more than a year without trial,” he said. “There is no evidence against me and I tell you, I didn’t kill my wife.”

Unfortunately, the nightmare may not yet be over for Belling, who could still face charges. “If this nightmare comes to trial, then I will go back to Italy and defend myself,” he declared, “because I am innocent!”

For now, Belling intends to enjoy his freedom as best he can. “I intend to prove my innocence,” he concluded. “My wife always said she wanted to go back to China, and that’s where I believe she is.

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