Monaco Will Be the Most Memorable City of Your Mediterranean Cruise

Whether you want to make this Mediterranean cruise stop about resting, having fun or exploring a new culture, Monaco offers all of the above and beyond. 

Located in the French Riviera, the city-state is home to beautiful beaches, delicious Mediterranean food and crazy nightlife. 

Monaco is also an exclusive holiday getaway for European jet setters and attracts billionaires from all around the world. If you have always dreamed of meeting singers, actors or CEOs, you will likely bump into them in the Monte Carlo Bar.

What makes your trip in Monaco so memorable is the glamorous scene there: the architecture, the lifestyle, the nightlife, even the gardens breathe sophistication.

Discover the elegant natural sites of the city

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View from the Exotic Garden of Monaco.
Photo by Julien Lanoy, Public Domain

Monaco is filled with beautiful gardens. For such a small state, the diversity of green areas is impressive.

The ultimate stop is the Roseraie Princess Grace located in Port de Fontvielle area. The garden gathers 4,000 roses, a true heaven for rose-lovers. Elegant, colorful, aromatic; a walk into the park appeals to all your senses.

The Exotic Garden is another great destination for nature lovers. Located on a hill, visitors have a glance of Monaco’s waterfront surrounded by cactuses and other exotic plants. The garden also gives access to an underground rock formation so that you can have a deeper look at the city’s natural beauty. 

Visit the city’s royal monuments

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A walk into Monaco’s streets is a great introduction to its elegant architecture. The yellow walls and red-tiled roofs are a warm welcome to the sunny city.

A defining feature of Monaco is the royal family. Therefore a tour of the Royal Palace should be part of your trip to the city. The Palace is home to Monaco’s Prince Albert II and his family. Although visitors cannot visit the private apartments, the museum gives access to the Great Apartments, which hosted historic Europeans such as Pope Jean XXIII and royal weddings. The interior and exterior architecture provide a flavor of the opulent and imposing life of royals.

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Monte Carlo Casino is an iconic monument of the city-state. The high pillars, caryatids and turrets reflect the Belle Epoque style. The imposing building was built in 1863, upon the orders of Princess Caroline.

The idea behind the casino was to bring influential and wealthy Europeans to the city and generate revenue that would save the royal family from bankruptcy. Today, the casino remains a place of interest for influential people. In addition to nightly entertainment, Monte Carlo hosts international events like the Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean and the Pokerstars EPT. 

Explore Monaco’s glamorous nightlife

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Le TWIGA is the ultimate stop to experience the extravagant lifestyle of Monegasques. The opening hours from 5pm to 5am say it all: it’s a place to party. It tends to gather sport and movie celebrities, and A-list entrepreneurs; therefore it’s one of the city’s best spots to meet influential people. As a good night always starts with good food, the Japanese-Italian fusion menu offers a unique food experience. Bonne Appetit!

Beer-lovers have to stop at the Brasserie de Monaco, the city’s local brewery. Monaco’s brewing technique is more than a hundred years old. A sip of their organic beers is the best way to end your day. The place is reminiscent of the traditional pubs with Monaco-style burgers and pizzas. The venue is composed of a lounge area and a terrace showcasing the city’s typical harbor: yachts. 6pm is when the DJs invite you to dance the night away.

If you want a closer look at Monaco’s glamorous life, Jimmy’z is the place to go. Many celebrities like Lionel Richie or Pink have come to party in this half-inside and half-outside club. The music is incredible, guests are extravagant dancers and the atmosphere is electric. A visit to this exclusive venue is also costly: a table service requires you to spend a minimum of 300 euros. Welcome to Monaco!

Finish with an Aerial city tour

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Monaco would not be Monaco if it wasn’t for its architecture, gardens and waterfront. An aerial look at the city coastline is the best way to finish your trip. Book a helicopter tour at the Heliport in Fontvielle and have an unforgettable view of the city. 

Just remember: spring or summer are the best seasons to explore this jewel of the French Riviera.

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