MSC Cruises 2020 World Cruise Offers Unique Culinary Journey

Last week, MSC Cruises’ second-ever World Cruise departed on its 117-night journey to 43 ports in 23 countries, across 5 continents.

MSC Magnifica with its high proportion of balcony cabins will serve guests for 117 days
MSC Magnifica is sailing a 117 night World Cruise, visiting 43 ports on 5 continents

Sailing aboard MSC Magnifica, World Cruise guests will be treated to an international dining experience with 10 notable, award-winning chefs from Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Hawaii, China, India and Germany.

Each chef will join the ship at different intervals to prepare a dinner for guests, featuring 3 to 4 entrees, that best represent their region and style of cooking, which will help bring the World Cruise destinations to life.

The line-up includes:

Ramón Freixa

Two Michelin-starred Spanish Chef Ramón Freixa

Known for his ability to create a balance between tradition and avant-garde, Freixa takes inspiration from his Mediterranean roots. He will bring excellence in Spanish gastronomy with an innovative and modern style for guests.

Allan Vila Espejo

Veteran Brazilian Chef and restaurateur Allan Vila Espejo

Espejo will present his signature menu introducing guests to his rich culture and take on Brazilian fine dining.

Christophe Krywonis

Bake Off Argentina star Chef Christophe Krywonis

Trained in Paris, Chef Krywonis has refined his craft in French cuisine and will offer his own style of French gastronomy at its best.

Jorge Rausch

MasterChef Colombia judge Chef Jorge Rausch

Chef Rausch is known for his innovative and modern style infused and inspired by his Colombian roots.

James Berckemeyer

Chef James Berckemeyer

This Peruvian chef will introduce guests to a refined and modern spin on comfort food and “hearty meals with a little taste of home.”

Roy Yamaguchi

Internationally-renowned Japanese-American Chef Roy Yamaguchi

A pioneer of his cuisine, Chef Yamaguchi will help guests discover a menu enriched with pan-Asian flavors and Hawaiian fusion cuisine.

Serge Dansereau

Sydney Morning Herald’s “Chef of the Year,” French-Canadian Chef Serge Dansereau

Arguably Quebec’s most famous chef, Dansereau will delight guests with an exclusive menu inspired by France with an international twist.

Jereme Leung

Acclaimed Chinese Chef Jereme Leung

Chef Leung will bring a mouth-watering menu of his contemporary interpretation of Chinese cuisine along with a modern approach to presentation.

Vikas Khanna

Decorated Indian-American Chef Vikas Khanna

Michelin starred Chef Khanna will create a delicious menu inspired by his Indian heritage.

Harald Wohlfahrt

Three Michelin starred German Chef Harald Wohlfahrt

Joining the ship for the last leg of her journey, Chef Wohlfahrt will showcase his passion for haute cuisine and love for natural and fresh ingredients.

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