Explore Carnival Sunshine: A Photo Tour

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We’ve rounded up some of our favorite photos of Carnival Sunshine, taken by us, of course!

1. Exterior

IMG 4460 copy

2. The Iconic Whale Tale Funnel

IMG 4256 copy

3. WaterWorks

IMG_4252 copy

4. Havana Bar

IMG_4246 copy

5. Serenity

IMG_4255 copy

6. RedFrog Pub

IMG_4295 copy

IMG_4299 copy

7. Kid’s Area

IMG 4535 copy

8. Liquid Lounge

IMG 4289 copy

9. Alchemy Bar

IMG 4730 copy

10. Sunshine Atrium

IMG_4615 copy

IMG_4755 copy

11. Mini Golf

IMG 5045 copy

12. Lido Deck

IMG 4801 copy

13. Punchliner Comedy Club

IMG 5068 copy

14. Serenity Waterfall

IMG 4598 copy

15. EA Sports Bar

IMG 4752 copy

16. Liquid Lounge

IMG 4777 1 copy

17. Lido Deck at Night

IMG 4599 copy

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