7 Ways to Avoid Boredom while Traveling

ways to avoid boredom
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You finally have that big trip to Hawaii planned, or the family is getting together for a reunion in Pennsylvania. You’re really excited until you remember that you have to travel there. How will you kill the boredom on your way there?

Take a Nap

As long as you’re not driving the car, taking a nap is one sure way to avoid boredom. Stay up a little bit later the night before so that you’re tired once you board the plane or fasten your seat belt in the car. Close your eyes, and don’t wake up until you’re nearly there.

Bring a Book

Whether you’ll be on a train for five hours or a plane for seven, a good book or two can get you through the journey. If you’ve never read the book before, bring some backup in case the tale is boring. Some people become nauseous if they read while in motion, so make sure you’re not part of that population.

Take a Limo

Of course, hiring a limo isn’t always possible or financially practical. However, if you’re heading out to the wineries or into the city for the night, it can get you there safely. When you’re sitting with friends and eating and drinking, it’s unlikely that you’ll become bored.

Bring Movies

Some car owners are lucky enough to have DVD players in their cars. These are great ways to keep the kids entertained on long trips. For the front seat riders, you’ll at least be able to listen to it.

Play Games

Who didn’t play the license plate game when they were little? On a cross country trip, see if you can spot a car with a plate from each and every state. You could also bring some trivia or puzzle books along. Play snippets of a song, and see who is able to currently guess the title and artist of it first.

Stop a Bit

Road trips can be quite boring when you never get out of the car. You should stop for a while at restaurants and hotels so that everyone can eat, sleep and stretch his or her legs. If you’re going a great distance, there will likely be some historic spots or tourist attractions along the way. Stop for a while to check them out. Who knows when you’ll be back this way again?

Make an Itinerary

Many people make elaborate lists of everything they want to do during their trip before they leave. Use the time that you’re sitting on a plane, train or bus to create the itinerary instead. It’ll give you something to do and make you excited for your trip.

Traveling doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare full of boredom. While your trip will likely be more fun than the traveling, as well it should be, you can still eliminate boredom as you traverse. When you learn how to make traveling more fun, you’ll hopefully want to do it more.

Author Jason Harter enjoys traveling and blogging. He is a contributing writer for travelinsurance.org
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