Viking Announces New Ocean Itineraries

Viking Ocean Cruises has announced ten new itineraries for 2017 and 2018.  Adding over 30 ports of call to the cruise line’s portfolio, the new routes will explore destinations throughout the Americas, Europe, and the Caribbean including Cuba.

New Itineraries

Itineraries will range from 8 to 22-day multi-country sailings.  They include:

Trade Routes of the Middle Ages – Bergen to Barcelona aboard Viking Star; September 2017 and May 2018 – During this 15-day cruise, guests will follow the trade routes of the Middle Ages.  From Bergen, guests will explore seven countries and ten ports including Amsterdam, Paris, and two ports each in England, Portugal, and Spain.  Veranda rooms start at $4,000 per person.

Venice, the Adriatic, and Greece – Venice to Athens aboard Viking Sun and Spirit, October 2017 and July-August 2018 – Guests will visit four countries and seven cities along the Adriatic Sea coast during this 8-day itinerary.  It begins with two days in Venice, then Croatia, Montenegro, and the many ancient sites of Greece to follow.  Veranda rooms start at $2,500 per person.

South America and the Caribbean – San Juan roundtrip aboard Viking Sea and Sky, October-December 2017 and January-March 2018 – Guests will experience the Caribbean’s southernmost ports during this 11-day cruise; in six countries and seven ports.  They’ll take in San Juan, and historic Santo Domingo – the capital of the Dominican Republic.  The itinerary will also visit Aruba, Curacao, and ports in South America including Cartagena and Santa Maria, and Venezuela’s capital, Caracas.  Veranda rooms start at $3,200 per person.

New York, Bermuda, and the Western Indies – New York to San Juan aboard Viking Sea and Sky, October 2017 and September 2018 – Leaving New York, this 15-day cruise will head to Bermuda and then the Caribbean and visit a total of nine countries and ports.  Some destinations it will visit in the Caribbean include Guadeloupe, St. Kitts, St. Martin, and St. Thomas.  Veranda rooms start at $3,600 per person.

Iconic Cities of the Western Mediterranean – Barcelona to Rome aboard Viking Sun and Spirit, November-December 2017 and January-February, April, July, and September 2018 – Italy’s renaissance treasures and the French Riviera are the focus of this 8-day itinerary.  Guests will explore Barcelona, St. Tropez, Monte Carlo, and cities throughout Tuscany before saying goodbye in Rome.  Veranda rooms start at $2,000 per person.

Central American Shores and Cuba – Miami roundtrip aboard Viking Sun, December 2017 – The diversity of the western Caribbean will be showcased during this 8-day cruise through four countries and five ports.  Guests will spend two days in Havana, followed by Cozumel, Belize City, and Key West before returning to Miami.  Veranda rooms start at $2,500 per person.

The Caribbean to the Amazon – San Juan roundtrip aboard Viking Sea, December 2017 – This 22-day cruise experience features a variety of Caribbean and South American ports, including sailing into the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil.  Ports will include Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and more.  Veranda rooms start at $6,000 per person.

Southern Mediterranean Discovery – Rome to Barcelona aboard Viking Star, December 2017 and January-March 2018 – This 8-day cruise through the southern Mediterranean will visit Rome, Sicily, and Sardinia.  Guests will also get a taste of modern-day Tunis and the Casbah of Algiers, before ending their journey in Valencia and Barcelona.  Veranda rooms start at $2,000 per person.

British Isles Explorer – Bergen to London aboard Viking Sun, May and August 2018 – Guests will explore the British Isles from the north to the south on this 15-day cruise.  They’ll visit Shetland and Orkney Islands, the Scottish Highlands, Wales, Dublin, London, and more.  Veranda rooms start at $6,000 per person.

Italian Sojourn – Rome to Venice aboard Viking Sun and Spirit, April and July-August 2018 – Stopping at seven ports between Italy and Croatia, guests will visit some of the most culturally significant cities.  Starting in Rome, the cruise will visit Naples, Sicily, Bari, and Sibenik, Croatia, where it will culminate in Venice.  Veranda rooms start at $2,600 per person.

Also recently announced is Viking’s fourth ship, Viking Sun that will set sail on her maiden voyage in December 2017 for the line’s first-ever World Cruise.  It will be 141 days long and visit 35 countries and 66 ports.  Sailing from Miami to London, the exciting voyage will allow guests to immerse themselves in cultures around the world.

Viking Ocean Cruises will welcome Viking Sky to the fleet in early 2017, and Sun at the end of the same year.  Viking Spirit will be delivered in 2018, and the not-yet-named sixth ship will be delivered in 2020.

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