5 Reasons to Throw a Pre-Cruise Party

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Who doesn’t love another excuse to throw a party – especially a cruise-themed party? A pre-cruise party is a great way to get cruisers excited and prepared to enjoy their upcoming vacation. Here are 5 reasons to throw a pre-cruise party.

1. Communication

A pre-cruise party offers the perfect opportunity to get everyone together to discuss things like dining plans, after-dinner entertainment plans, port and excursion plans, and sea day plans. Your group may want to all stay together or encourage everyone to do their own thing, or maybe you also have plans to meet at a specific bar on a certain day at a definitive time. No matter what, a pre-cruise party is a great time to organize all the cruise vacation plans.

2. Decoration

Pre-cruise parties are a great way to increase excitement for an upcoming cruise, and some cruise-themed party decor can really serve to amp up the hype. There are a number of affordable finds on Amazon.com such as “Bon Voyage” banners, cruise ship cupcake toppers, nautical cutouts, cruise ships whirls and centerpieces, and even a ship deck photo backdrop for a party “photo booth.”

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3. Documentation

If you have a printer at home, why not have party guests bring their passports and IDs and have people take turns checking in online for their cruise and printing out luggage tags and boarding passes? For home ports with staggered check-in times, this is a great way to make sure everyone in the group selects the same time slot. Meanwhile, have someone else making drinks and serving them up so it makes the whole process even sweeter!

4. Preparation

For party favors, you could hand out packing checklists, mini sunscreen bottles, sunglasses, lanyards for sailing cards, flip flops… the list goes on. That way some of the packing is already alleviated for everyone, meaning you’re closer to cruising!

5. Introduction

If you are going on a group cruise and have some cruisers who haven’t met, a pre-cruise party is a great opportunity to have them become familiar with one another, rather than when everyone is waiting to board in a noisy cruise terminal. A party offers a more personal and intimate way for people to connect and meet, especially since people in group cruises tend to disperse once on board the ship.

Do you throw pre-cruise parties? 

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