5 Reasons to Book Your Next Cruise Onboard

Any time you’re on a cruise having the time of your life, the first thought that comes to mind is “Okay, so when can I do this again?” Maybe you’ve even gone home after your cruise and immediately received those emails to “sail with us again.” But a lot of cruisers don’t know about (or just don’t take advantage of) the ship’s future cruise desk, where you can book your next cruise while you’re on one – and get a ton of perks for doing it.

Why Book Your Next Cruise Onboard?

1. Money off your onboard account

Want to get some money taken off the bill of your current cruise? Sometimes, booking a future cruise while onboard one will grant you credit to your current onboard account. So, if you know you’re going to cruise again (aren’t we all?), why not go for it and take advantage of the free money?

2. Future onboard credit

One of the most popular reasons cruisers will book a cruise while they’re on one is the guarantee for onboard credit toward that future cruise. The amount of onboard credit offered will vary, but who can pass up free money? Especially when we all know we’ll be taking another cruise at some point or another. Carnival Cruise Line ships have the Loyalty and Cruise Expert desk where you can take advantage of this. 

3. No set sailing date

When you book another cruise while you’re on a cruise, you don’t have to commit to a specific ship, itinerary, or sailing date. Instead, you are given a time frame, usually anywhere from 12 to 24 months, in which you have to use this deposit toward your next cruise. So, if you put down $500, you might have, say, 2 years within which to book your next cruise and apply that $500 toward that cruise. This is important to know, because many people hesitate to visit the future cruise desk on a ship because they think they’ll be locked into specific dates. Not everyone knows their vacation schedule that far in advance, and the cruise lines know that. That’s why this flexible option is such a good deal.

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4. Discounts or room upgrades

Yet another perk to booking while onboard is the potential to receive discounts and room upgrades. Instead of waiting around for the next sale to come through your email, you can simply talk to the friendly faces at the future cruise desk about any deals offered for your next cruise. That sounds much better than spending hours clicking through tabs to find the best deals and discounts.

5. Travel agent credit

There are some cruisers who won’t book their next cruise while onboard one because they have a trusty travel agent back home. The only way for a travel agent to get credit for the booking (and therefore to get paid) is they book it, and the cruiser doesn’t want deny them that credit. However, on most cruise lines, as long as your travel agent booked the cruise you’re currently sailing on, the future cruise desk can arrange it so your travel agent’s name is also on your future booking. Just make sure that when they show you your booking confirmation you see your agent’s name as well.

Do you book your next cruise while on your current cruise?

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