5 Ways to Keep Entertained on a Cruise

The cruise ship experience has come along dramatically since the first vessels set sail in the turn of the 20th century. The necessary mode of travel across the ocean soon became a leisurely ride of luxury, with the cruising experience continuing to be improved and modified ever since.

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Photo via Queen Mary Hotel.

One of the best facets on many cruise ships – which is just as must fun as arriving at various tropical destinations – is the available entertainment onboard. There are plenty of ways to keep entertained on a cruise, with most ships are equipped with the usual amenities that you would expect; such as designated wi-fi areas for you to post on social media what you’re up to. Pools and lounging decks are also cruise ship staples, while some liners now play host to cinemas, bowling alleys, nightclubs, casinos, and golf courses that provide a more modern taste of entertainment at sea. With this in mind, here are five interesting ways to keep entertained on a cruise.

1. Bowling at sea

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There is nothing more surreal than hurling a bowling ball down the lane at a row of pins knowing that you are chugging along the ocean. The Norwegian Epic and the Norwegian Pearl and Gem are known for their bowling alleys and for allowing passengers the chance to indulge in an activity they might not get to enjoy at home. Bowling at sea is a fun-filled activity for all the family and one that is more a novelty today than just a way to catch up with a sporting hobby.

2. Floating casinos  

Casino Bar Carnival Horizon
Casino Bar on Carnival Horizon.

The cruise ship experience inherently exudes luxury and excitement and allows passengers to be absorbed by sophistication and luxury. There is something very James Bond about hopping from port-to-port, indulging in the exotic locales, cultures, and cuisines. So it only makes sense that you can don your evening wear aboard your cruise and get turn your hand to some casino games, akin to 007. There are now many luxury liners that feature cruise ship casinos, or floating casinos, which take the atmosphere and excitement of traditional river-boat cruises and add a glamorous contemporary spin, by offering guests the chance to play casino games at sea.

3. Dance the night away

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The nightclub experience aboard a cruise ship is similar to the nightclub experience back on dry land. The DJ could be playing a classic playlist full of old school songs – or they could be cultivating the latest talent that would have the clubs of Ibiza seething with jealousy. The nightclub experience depends on who you choose to cruise with – some provide a classic club experience that will see you out to the early hours, while others have more fun with the décor and theme. Whether you’re a night owl or just enjoy the novelty of dancing away atop the waves, most cruise ship nightclubs provide quite the experience.

4. Take a swing

sunrise golf
Because everything’s better beneath a Carnival ship’s funnel

While a lot of liners now offer golfing experiences as part of their packages, these are often merely mini-golf courses that pander towards family-friendly entertainment. However, a lot of ships now offer driving cages and simulation putting greens that give you the chance to practice your swing. Visitors can even book packages to experience golfing in exotic places around the world, all whilst aboard a luxury liner – as well as making the most of the other impressive golfing facilities most ships now offer.

 5. Grab the Popcorn

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One of the most popular selling points of many cruise ships is the opportunity for passengers to watch movies on-board. While some people enjoy visiting a nightclub or playing their hand in poker, often vacations need to be less about exerting activities and more about sitting back, relaxing and escaping into the world of film. The movie theatres on cruise ships are stocked with titles for all tastes – from the classics to the latest releases. How better to spend some idle hours in the evening than by losing yourself in the latest blockbuster?

Cruise ships wouldn’t continue to be one of the most popular forms of seasonal excursions if it wasn’t for the vast amount of entertainment onboard. From bowling alleys that illustrate the mastery of modern engineering to floating casinos, nightclubs that allow you to dance the night away atop oceans, and movie theatres that help you to escape from reality – there is almost too much to do on a cruise ship and never enough time, so it’s wise to plan your time aboard your next luxury cruise carefully.  

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