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6 Ways to Stay Connected with Carnival’s WiFi



As we are increasingly staying connected with friends and family by sharing photos and videos via social media, it has become more important to stay connected even while on vacation. Carnival has made staying connected at sea easy with its improved Internet access. Here are 6 things to know before you cruise.

1. Three Plans of Access

The breakdown of the three levels of Internet packages available for purchase is simple. The “Social” package is just $5/day and includes access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. The ability to message friends and family from these apps makes this package particularly attractive, as you can easily stay in touch with a friend back home who’s watching your house or pet. You can also stay connected with fellow cruisers who’ve purchased this plan via messaging apps or iMessage. But if you crave more access, the “Value” plan gets you all of the above as well as Internet browsing, email, sports, weather, banking, finance, etc., for $16/day. Finally, the “Premium” plan is $25/day and promises everything from the Value plan as well as video calling such as Skype and Internet speeds that are three times faster.

2. You Cannot Pre-Purchase

Don’t waste time searching for where you can pre-pay for your Internet package like you can pre-pay for gratuities or excursions; Internet is one thing you cannot purchase until you board the ship. However, since Carnival posts the rates for their Internet packages online, you can always budget ahead for the plan you want.

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3. Go Into Airplane Mode

As soon as you board your cruise ship, put your phone into “airplane” mode. This will ensure that you don’t accrue roaming charges from your mobile carrier once you sail away from the U.S. Don’t worry – you can still enable wifi while you’re in Airplane mode. (As always, check with your mobile carrier before you sail on what your plan entails for international travel.)

4. Internet Cafes

If you need to access the Internet but don’t want to get stuck paying for an Internet package for your entire cruise, you can use the computers in the ship’s Internet Café to access the web for a rate of ~$1/minute. It’s not cheap, but if you only need to get online for a short time once or twice during your cruise, it might be better than purchasing a package. As a bonus, printing is free of charge at these cafes as well.

5. Connection Varies

Depending on the location and time of day, the wifi may vary in connecting speeds. For example, you will likely have the best connectivity early in the morning or late at night when many guests are in bed. Peak daylight hours will slow speeds down. And sometimes, you may even lose your connection. But before you run down to Guest Services, try simply reconnecting first.

6. No Netflix or Hulu

Sorry, but not even the Premium Internet plan offers access to online streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu. But your shows will still be there when you get home, so go out and enjoy your cruise while you’re on it!


Cruise News

MSC Makes Internet at Sea Affordable



MSC Cruises has announced next-generation internet across their fleet and new wifi packages to suit every traveler’s needs.  Working with Marlink, the cruise line will provide dynamic bandwidth to their 12 existing ships, as well as their upcoming MSC Meraviglia and MSC Seaside.  No matter where in the world they’re sailing, guests will be able to seamlessly connect to the internet.

Guests sailing on MSC’s ships will be able to choose from three different internet packages based on their web and social media needs.  All can be purchased at either a per-day or per-cruise basis.

They are:

  1. The Social Package is aimed at guests that mainly just want to stay connected to their social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.  Those that pick this package will have 24/7 access to social networks on one device.  $4.50/day or $16.50 for a 7-night cruise.
  2. The Surfer Package is designed for moderate internet users.  Guests can access social media, sure the web for news or sports scores, and catch up on emails.  Those that choose this package will have access on up to two devices.  $11/day or $33 for a 7-night cruise.
  3. The Streamer Package has been created for guests who want full internet access without limitations, at the fastest speed.  It gives travelers full internet and social media access, including audio and video streaming for up to four devices.  $22/day or $66 for a 7-night cruise.

Internet packages can be booked prior to sailing, or once onboard.  Guests will also be able to upgrade or recharge their package while managing the consumption of each device easily.  The new services are now live on MSC Divina and MSC Preziosa, and will roll out across the entire fleet over the next few months.

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Travel Tips

Infographic: Smartphone Tips Abroad



Traveling abroad can be fun and exciting, but it can also present you with many challenges. Although some people take the opportunity of a trip to disconnect, others find it difficult to fathom losing service for any period of time. If you’re one of the 34 percent of Americans who can’t be without their device for more than a few hours, there are ways to stay connected overseas without paying a fortune. It’s important to fully understand your plan and your options, such as purchasing an international plan or SIM card to make the most of your device while traveling outside of the United States.

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Whether you choose to stay connected with your smartphone or with your iPad Air 2 with iOS 8, it’s important to start by turning your data and cell service off when you’re traveling. Many restaurants and most hotels offer WiFi, so you can stay connected without wasting a lot of money. Download a WiFi locator app to find where to access WiFi during your travels. You can use apps to check your email, text and call, and upload your great photos to social media, all on your Apple iPad, using its advanced cameras and large Retina display, and all for free over WiFi. Traveling doesn’t have to mean staying disconnected. Check out the infographic below to learn more about using your device abroad.


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5 WiFi Hotspots in Grand Turk





The first thing that the 21st century cruiser does when they get off their ship is look for a wifi hot spot. If you’re arriving into Grand Turk you can consider yourself lucky because there are a few wifi options within walking distance to the cruise pier.

5 Wifi Hotspots in Grand Turk:

1. Margaritaville

As you step off the ship and turn left you can’t help but run into Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. The wifi here is free but something really slow, depending on how many cruise passengers are in port.


Advice: If you use What’s App for texting, it can be a lot faster than using iMessage or Facebook Messenger.

2. Froot’s

If healthy eating is your thing, you can order a smoothie or wrap at this pier side establishment.  Everything is made fresh to order; with the cuisine being their own take on American food.  The wifi is free but tends to be slow because of the large amount of people usually using it.


Advice: The later in the day you go, the better stronger the wireless will be.

3. Jack’s Shack

This is probably one of the coolest places on Grand Turk for fun in the sun. Just down the beach from all the tourists and the cruise port sits this little gem of an island bar and grill.  In addition to free wifi, you can relax with a drink, take a dip in the ocean, or soak in the sun on a beach chair.  If you want a place to relax with a genuine island atmosphere, hit up Jack’s Shack.


Advice: The wifi is free but password protected. They will give you the password at the main bar with the purchase of anything. 

4. White Sands Beach Resort

This resort is right near the cruise port as well as next to Margaritaville and has free wifi for anyone to use.  You can even settle in for a meal while you’re there, or enjoy the sunshine in one of the many beach chairs.


Advice: White Sands offer day pass to cruisers and free wifi. Only a walk away from the Grand Turk Cruise Terminal. More information on location here.

5. Victoria Public Library

This historic library is a cab ride away from the port. Located in the historic centre of Cockburn, the Victoria public library is good for people who might enjoy a little more quiet, and don’t mind taking a cab.  The wifi is free, and the library is located on the corner of Victoria and Front streets.


Advice: You can’t miss the little pink library. About a 10 minute cab ride from the cruise pier and free wifi.

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