9 New Cruise Ships in 2024

The cruise industry is navigating into an exciting era with the launch of several impressive new vessels. 2024 is particularly significant as it marks the debut of some of the most advanced cruise ships ever constructed.

new cruise ships 2024

Among the class of 2024, the one that stands out, Icon of the Seas, is poised to become the world’s largest cruise ship, setting new standards in scale and onboard amenities.

New Cruise Ships in 2024

The cruise industry is expanding with new state-of-the-art vessels, each offering innovative features and amenities catered to diverse tastes and preferences.

Icon of the Seas (January 2024)

icon of the seas arrives miami florida
Just The Facts
Total guest capacity:5,610 at double occupancy
Length:1,198 feet
Gross Tonnage:248,655
Best for:Thrill-seekers and tech enthusiasts, Foodies and gourmands, Families with adventurous kids, and Social butterflies and party animals
Not for:Budget-conscious travelers, Seekers of quiet solitude, Traditionalists, and people who are prone to seasickness

Royal Caribbean continues to push boundaries with Icon of the Seas, which is expected to become the world’s largest cruise ship upon its debut. This awe-inspiring vessel boasts groundbreaking design and technology, setting a new standard for ocean voyages.

Sun Princess (February 2024)

Sun Princess cruise ship
Just The Facts
Total guest capacity:4,320 at double occupancy
Length:1,132 feet
Gross Tonnage:175,500
Best for:Sun-seekers and those craving a Mediterranean vibe, Foodies with diverse palates, Tech-savvy travelers, and Couples and romance enthusiasts
Not for:Budget-conscious travelers, Thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, Families with very young children, and Traditionalists

Princess Cruises introduces Sun Princess, the first ship in its new Sphere class. Elevating the guest experience with next-generation environmental technologies, Sun Princess is designed to be both an oasis at sea and a beacon of sustainable cruising.

Carnival Firenze (April 2024)

Carnival Firenze cruise ship
Just The Facts
Total guest capacity:4,126 at double occupancy
Length:1,061 feet
Gross Tonnage:135,156
Best for:Fans of Italian culture and ambiance, First-time cruisers, Party animals and social butterflies, Families with older children, and Budget-conscious travelers
Not for:Luxury seekers, Foodies with discerning palates, and Formal-night averse

Carnival Firenze joins Carnival Cruise Line, offering guests a vibrant, fun-filled adventure at sea. With a host of entertainment options on board, Carnival Firenze promises a cruise experience that’s both lively and memorable.

Queen Anne (May 2024)

cunard queen anne
Queen Anne (Rendering courtesy of Cunard)
Just The Facts
Total guest capacity:2,996 at double occupancy
Length:1,060 feet
Gross Tonnage:113,000
Best for:History buffs and culture enthusiasts, Foodies with discerning palates, people searching for a personalized service, and Couples on a romantic getaway
Not for:Budget-conscious travelers, Thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, Families with young children, and Casual and laid-back vacationers

Cunard adds the magnificent Queen Anne to its fleet, honoring the brand’s storied heritage while infusing contemporary luxury. This new addition aims to uphold Cunard’s legacy of sophisticated ocean travel.

Silver Ray (June 2024)

Silver Ray Cruise Ship
Just The Facts
Total guest capacity:556 at double occupancy
Length:801 feet
Gross Tonnage:54,700
Best for:Luxury connoisseurs, Culinary adventurers, Active adults, and couples seeking a romantic cruise
Not for:Budget-conscious travelers, Thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, Large families with young children, and people who are seeking nightlife and constant entertainment

Luxury cruise line Silversea presents Silver Ray, a beacon of luxury and exclusivity. With a focus on intimate, ultra-luxury cruising, this ship caters to travelers seeking a truly personalized and refined journey.

Utopia of the Seas (July 2024)

Utopia of the Seas Royal Caribbean
Just The Facts
Total guest capacity:5,634 at double occupancy
Length:1,188 feet
Gross Tonnage:236,857
Best for:Thrill-seekers and tech enthusiasts, Explorers and adventure seekers, Foodies with diverse palates, and Families with kids of all ages
Not for:Budget-conscious travelers, Traditionalists, Ocean purists, and Motion-sensitive individuals

Another gem in the Royal Caribbean crown, Utopia of the Seas, follows Icon of the Seas with state-of-the-art amenities and revolutionary LNG power, marking another stride in the cruise line’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Explora 2 (August 2024)

explora II luxury cruise ship rendering
(Rendering courtesy of Explora Journeys)
Just The Facts
Total guest capacity:922 at double occupancy
Length:814 feet
Gross Tonnage:64,000
Best for:Luxury aficionados, Foodies with discerning palates, Wellness enthusiasts, Slow travelers, and cultural immersion seekers
Not for:Budget-conscious travelers, Thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, Families with young children, and Action-packed vacation seekers

MSC Cruises is set to introduce Explora 2, the second of its luxury Explora Journeys brand, allowing guests to explore the world in unparalleled comfort and style, further cementing MSC’s presence in the luxury cruise segment.

Brilliant Lady (TBD)

Brilliant Lady Virgin Voyages
Just The Facts
Total guest capacity:2,770 at double occupancy
Length:912 feet
Gross Tonnage:110,000
Best for:Millennials and Gen Z, people seeking a glamorous escape, Foodies, Active adults, Singles, and social butterflies
Not for:Budget-conscious travelers, Traditionalists, Families with children, and those who dislike formal nights

Venturing into the future of cruising, Brilliant Lady by Virgin Voyages offers unique experiences and innovative social spaces for a dynamic maritime adventure catering to a younger demographic.

Disney Treasure (December 2024)

disney treasure rendering
Just The Facts
Total guest capacity:2,476 at double occupancy
Length:1,119 feet
Gross Tonnage:144,000
Best for:Disney-obsessed families, Foodies, Relaxation seekers, Multigenerational groups, Thrill-seekers and adventurous kids
Not for:Budget-conscious travelers, Adults seeking complete solitude, Those who dislike crowds and lines

Disney’s new Treasure cruise ship is set to sail in December 2024. This ship is designed to offer families of all ages an exciting and adventurous experience filled with thrills and wonder.

It will feature the AquaMouse rollercoaster, interactive escapades inspired by the Jungle Cruise, and immersive spaces that showcase the charming world of Disney.

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