Carnival Bans Cruise Passenger Following Reckless Balcony Stunt

A picture of the Carnival Jubilee cruise ship.

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Carnival Jubilee’s second cruise from Galveston became a real-life thriller when a female passenger’s dangerous balcony stunt went viral, resulting in her being banned from Carnival Cruise Line.

A picture of the Carnival Jubilee  cruise ship.

During the Carnival Jubilee sailing, footage of a woman engaging in dangerous behavior emerged.

In the uploaded TikTok video, a female guest could be seen on the other side of her stateroom balcony on deck 9. She stood on the awning of deck 8, which held public areas below while conversing with someone over the balcony railing. 

After a brief chat, she sits on the railing facing the ocean, her legs still on the other side. Another passenger peeks out from their balcony a few decks above and notices the woman. The entire incident occurred while the cruise ship was in motion, as the water could be seen moving underneath the vessel.


DO NOT DO THIS: On the Carnival Jubilee December 30th sailing a passenger films fellow cruiser on Deck 9 climbing over their obstructed view balcony onto a common area roof below them. #carnivaljubilee #carnivaljubilee2023 #carnivalcruise #dontdothis #cruisetok #cruiseship #cruisevideo

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Carnival did not say if the guest was caught while the act happened or after the video surfaced on TikTok, but they dealt with the matter swiftly.

Cruise Radio received the following statement from Carnival:

“Our security team on Carnival Jubilee identified the guests involved in this matter, and those guests will no longer be sailing on Carnival ships. The safety of everyone on board is our priority and we do not tolerate this behavior.”

Carnival’s contract with passengers prohibits such behavior, saying, “Any Guest whose conduct affects the comfort, enjoyment, safety, or well-being of other guests or crew will be detained onboard and/or disembarked at their own expense and will be prohibited from sailing with Carnival in the future.”

It mentions that policy violations will be fined $500, which seems appropriate since a misstep, strong winds, or the ship’s sudden movement could have easily ended in an unnecessary and completely avoidable accident.

Reactions to the video

Three days after publishing the TikTok video, commenters quickly expressed disapproval. The words “Do not do this,” were superimposed over the video and written in the caption.

“Best way to get banned from Carnival,” said Kathy Windham. 

Another wrote, “Probably thought this was cool being a new ship and no one was watching smh… absurd..”

Unfortunately, reckless behavior happens all too often in the cruise industry. Last year, the cruise line deemed it necessary to write a letter to guests that addressed bad behavior.

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