Carnival Cruise Line Raises Cost Of WiFi Package

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Carnival Cruise Line has quietly increased the price you’ll pay for one of their wifi packages while still offering passengers a chance to save significantly by purchasing any of packages of their choice before boarding.

What You’ll Now Pay for an Internet Package

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Carnival offers a variety of internet packages, allowing each passenger to make a purchase based on what they’ll need as opposed to a one-size-fits-all pricing plan. As of now, the only package which has seen a price increase is the Social Package. According to Carnival’s website, as of now the packages available and their costs are as follows (although it’s possible that the prices could vary based on the ship and/or its itinerary):

  • The Social Plan: This is designed for people who are primarily looking to access Facebook, Twitter and similar social media sites. (Or, as we like to think of it, it’s perfect for those who want to make everyone back home jealous!) Until recently, this was available at the cost of $4 per person if purchased in advance and $5 per day if bought after you boarded. The new prices are $6.80 per day for advance purchases, and $8 per day if purchased on board. These must be purchased for the length of the cruise, as it is not available for single-day purchasing.
  • The Value Plan: This includes the various social media outlets, as well as access to news, entertainment, sports, weather, banking, finance sites, and email. This does not, however, provide access to streaming sites. It has faster speeds than the Social Plan, but does not support Skype or outlets such as Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, etc.). The price for this option has not changed, remaining at $10.25 per day if purchased in advance, and $12 per day if purchased once on the ship. And again, this package must be purchased for the length of your cruise.
  • The Premium WiFi Plan: Need streaming service so you can continue to binge The Good Place? Got kids who will just die if they can’t stream the latest music? This is the package you’re going to want to go with, then. It’s big selling point is the fact that it offers speeds three times faster than that of the Social Plan. This one will run you $14.88 per day if purchased in advance, and $17.70 per day if bought once you are onboard. One significant difference: This package actually can be purchased by the day at a cost of $25 per day.

It’s worth noting that you can upgrade from one plan to another at just about any point during your cruise (or even before boarding, should you change your mind). And the plans do allow you to use them across multiple devices, but only one device can be signed in to your account at a time. (In other words, if you want to switch from your phone to your laptop, you have to sign off the internet on your phone before switching to the computer.)

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If you want to purchase the internet for an upcoming cruise, you can head to the “Manage My Cruise” tab at The last opportunity to purchase in advance is at 11:59 p.m. on the day before you are set to sail.

Which internet package do you tend to purchase when cruising with Carnival?

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