Carnival Hikes Wi-Fi Prices by up to 20%

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Carnival Cruise Line has begun sending out notifications that it will raise the prices of its Wi-Fi plans by up to 20%. The new prices will take effect this Friday, December 8th.


Carnival advised passengers that they can still lock in the old rates by paying for their Wi-Fi plans before Friday, regardless of when they sail.

The cruise line maintains its current tiered Wi-Fi plans while raising prices from 13% to 20%.

Here’s a quick look at Carnival’s daily internet cost before and after the price hike:

Wi-Fi PlansOld Daily RatesNew Daily Rates
Social (Prepaid)$12.75$15.30
Social (Upon sailing)$15.00$18.00
Value (Prepaid)$17.00$19.55
Value (Upon sailing)$20.00$23.00
Premium (Prepaid)$18.70$21.25
Premium (Upon sailing)$22.00$25.00

Among the various options, the Social Plan will have the highest price increase (20%), while the premium package will offer the lowest (13.6%).

Which Carnival Wi-Fi plan should I get?

For passengers who are interested in onboard internet access, let’s do a quick review of what these plans offer:

  • The Social Plan offers access to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It also lets you connect to the websites of major airlines so you can book flights or check-in online. Note that you won’t be able to visit other websites, access your email, or hold video chats. 
  • The Value Plan is faster than the Social Plan. In addition to the sites you can access in the Social Plan, you can also check out entertainment, sports, banking, weather, and news sites. 
  • Carnival’s Premium Plan provides the most access and the fastest speeds. Social media sites, email, and meeting apps become accessible. The Premium Plan is the best option if you’re a heavy internet user or rely on it for work. 

None of the plans allow guests to access streaming content. The internet access prices onboard Carnival cruises have dramatically risen in a year and a half.

As recently as May 2022, Carnival’s cheapest internet plan, the prepaid Social Plan, costs $8.50 a day. The latest increase to $15.30 translates into an 80% price hike over a relatively short period.

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