Carnival warns passengers to behave on their Spring Break cruise

Carnival Cruise has issued a letter to guests about their behavior ahead of their busy spring break cruise season.

Can you bring alcohol on your cruise? Is smoking allowed? Can you use Bluetooth speakers? Carnival’s recent letter reveals the dos and don’ts, and what you should and shouldn’t pack.

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Carnival Luminosa (Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line)

General reminders

While onboard, be considerate to others by:

  • Supervising the children under your care
  • Keeping hallway noise to a minimum
  • Following proper queues 
  • Familiarize yourself with Carnival’s code of conduct (make sure the group you’re traveling with knows them too!)
  • Not using speakers or radios (including wireless, Bluetooth, and portable versions—they’ll be confiscated if you bring them since they interfere with people’s ability to hear public announcements)
  • Using earphones while listening to music or watching shows in public areas
  • Not reserving seats and sun loungers (it’s strictly first come, first serve)

Rules for alcohol and beverage 

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(Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line)

Yes, you can bring alcohol and beverages on your cruise, but there are a few conditions:

  • No hard liquor or beer.
  • If you’re at least 21 years old, you can bring at most one 750-milliliter bottle of champagne or wine. Store it in your carry-on during embarkation.
  • Each passenger can bring non-alcoholic drinks, but they should be in sealed bottles. Bring no more than 12 pieces of unopened cans or cartons. Each non-alcoholic beverage should be 12 ounces at most.

Smoking guidelines

  • You can smoke in designated smoking areas, but if you smoke in places where it’s prohibited (like your stateroom or balcony), each violation means a $500 fine and potentially booted off the ship. This policy applies to pipes, cigars, cigarettes, vaporizers, pipes, and e-cigarettes. 
  • Marijuana is illegal and strictly prohibited. This includes medicinal marijuana and other products that contain it and its derivatives, like cannabis gummies and chewables. (If you break this rule, you could get banned like this passenger.)
  • You also can’t throw any smoking paraphernalia overboard. Otherwise, you’ll be penalized $500 each time.

Personal safety guidelines

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Mardi Gras Life Ring

Your cruise line wants you to be safe so:

  • Hold on to handrails whenever they’re available.
  • Never climb on or lean over rails.
  • Be careful of wet areas, especially when you’re by the pool or out on deck. Wear appropriate shoes and dry off if you’re coming from the pool.

With spring break coming up, cruise ships will be full, and passengers will be looking for some fun in the sun. Though these reminders were issued by Carnival, many of them are useful for other cruise lines too.

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