Carnival’s Security Footage Shows Missing Man Jumped Overboard

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Carnival Cruise Line has confirmed that the man who went missing from the Carnival Glory in the Gulf of Mexico intentionally jumped off the vessel in the middle of the night.

Carnival glory sailing at sea

Tyler Barnett, a 28-year-old from Houma, Louisiana, was reported missing on Monday morning by a family member. Following not being seen for several hours, his disappearance prompted a search both on the ship and in the surrounding waters.

After notifying the US Coast Guard, two aircraft were launched on Monday and scanned an area of over 200 miles “due to the uncertainty of the potential time of him falling overboard,” the Coast Guard said.

USCG search pattern
USCG search pattern for the missing cruise passenger. (US COAST GUARD)

Due to strong winds and high waves, the Coast Guard was forced to halt search operations on Monday evening. It had resumed again early on Tuesday.

CCTV footage suggests the guest jumped overboard

Carnival said in a newly released statement to Cruise Radio:

“The Carnival Glory security team has confirmed that after multiple reviews of the shipboard surveillance video, it appears that the guest reported missing on Monday jumped from the ship’s Deck 4 at approximately 1:40 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 13. 

He can be seen climbing on a lifeboat and jumping from there. Only on Tuesday were we advised of the possibility of him wearing a different shirt, which allowed our security team to change the profile of the guest as we searched onboard video.

We have informed the U.S. Coast Guard and are providing assistance to the guest’s family that was traveling with him who are still on board.

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The ship continues the cruise itinerary

Front view of Carnival Glory in Montego Bay, Jamaica
Front view of Carnival Glory in Montego Bay, Jamaica (CARNIVAL)

The ship was cleared to continue sailing to its scheduled Montego Bay, Jamaica call and is due to arrive on Wednesday morning.

Carnival Glory’s week-long cruise from New Orleans also has scheduled calls on Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Carnival’s care team continues to support the Barnett family on board.

The 13th man overboard in 2023

This incident marks the 13th man overboard for the cruise industry in 2023. Of the 13, only two have been rescued from the water alive.

The latest person to go overboard on a cruise ship was on Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas on October 30. He was found alive and was debarked off the ship the following day.

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