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cruise news today april 25 2023

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New Orleans Sets New Passenger Record

The Port of New Orleans set a new cruise passenger record last month with just over 155,000 passenger movements and 39 calls in March.

The previous record was set just prior to the industry shutdown in February 2020, when the port recorded just over 154,000 passenger movements and 31 cruise calls. It’s now on track to set a new annual cruise passenger record this year.

Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Disney all sail from New Orleans, as well as river lines American Queen Voyages, American Cruise Lines, and Viking.

STORY: New Orleans Sets New Monthly Cruise Passenger Record

World Cruise Passenger Left Behind in the Philippines

Paid for a $22,000 world cruise and then left behind. Christopher Chapel, a 72-year-old P&O Cruise passenger, was left on the island of Palawan in the Philippines after a cruise ship departed without him.

It started when Mr. Chapel was experiencing symptoms while on the cruise and was sent to a local hospital when the ship docked. While he was undergoing medical tests he learned that it was a light heat stroke. But by that time, the ship had already left.

To complicate the situation, doctors deemed him unfit to fly to Manila, prompting him to travel by boat to the mainland with a medical escort. They eventually took a 14 hour ferry ride from the island of Palawan to Manila and then a flight home to the UK. Better safe than sorry.

Luckily, Mr. Chapel and his wife had a travel insurance policy.

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