Cruise Passenger Dies After Tour Boat Sinks in Nassau

Nassau Bahamas shore excursion accident

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Cruise ship passengers on a Blue Lagoon Island excursion were left in shock on Tuesday morning when their tour boat sank as a result of a large wave, leaving a 75-year-old woman dead.

nassau shore excursion boat sinks
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Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings from the Royal Bahamas Defense Force reported that a double-deck pleasure craft experienced difficulties while en route to Blue Lagoon Island. The cause of the woman’s death is not known.

Nassau, Bahamas excursion accident

“Approximately half an hour into the journey, the vessel faced rough seas in the vicinity, leading to it taking on water and ultimately becoming submerged just outside Blue Lagoon,” she explained.

nassau cruise port blue lagoon island

A guest sailing on Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas emailed the Cruise Radio news account that two large waves hit the ship and began taking on water.

Blue Lagoon Island issues statement

Today at approximately 11am, a vessel from Blue Lagoon Island started taking on water and became partially submerged.

The incident occurred as it was approaching and near to the island. Emergency teams from the island quickly arrived to render assistance.

Passengers and 5 staffmembers were located and brought to the island and two passengers were taken to the hospital for additional care. All onboard are accounted for.

The Royal Bahamas Defense Force, Blue Lagoon, and other vessels all assisted in getting people to shore and we are grateful for their help.

Passengers onboard were all cruise ship guests.

Tour boat was equipped with life jackets

It has been confirmed by the authorities that the vessel, operated by Blue Lagoon Island, was equipped with life vests. Fortunately, the double-decker boat did not completely submerge due to the shallow water. The water around Blue Lagoon Island is approximately 20 feet deep.

blue lagoon boat
Blue Lagoon Island shuttles take guests back and forth between Nassau and the island. (CRUISE RADIO)

Blue Lagoon Island is a popular shore excursion sold by cruise lines that offer dolphin swims, VIP beach days, and sting ray encounters starting at $79 per person.

Royal Caribbean’s statement on the excursion accident

“We are saddened to hear that one of our guests passed away following an accident on a shore excursion in Nassau, The Bahamas. Our hearts are with the families involved and our Care Team has been activated to support them during this difficult time.” 
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The Blue Lagoon Island excursion originates at the Nassau Cruise Port, where guests board a 100-passenger water shuttle to the island, located approximately five miles off the coast of Paradise Island.

Shore excursion companies operate independently from the cruise line. Cruise lines sell the tours in exchange for a commission on a per-tour sold basis.

Circumstances surrounding the passing of the woman were not released.

The entire incident was caught and narrated on TikTok by user by Kelly Schissel.

@kellyswitz our ferry went down on our way to Blue Lagoon #shipwreck #boat #boatsinking #bluelagoon #bahamas #ferry ♬ original sound – Kelly Schissel

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