Cruise Radio News Briefs — March 1, 2021 [VIDEO]

The U.S. Government Attempts to Save Alaska Cruise Season

The U.S. Transportation Committee has asked the Canadian government to work with the U.S. in order to save the 2021 Alaska cruise season.

The committee is asking Canada to consider allowing ships to visit British Columbia without disembarking any passengers, to satisfy the foreign port call requirement and also respect Canada’s health concerns. 

At this time, several cruise lines have not yet canceled Alaska cruises and are awaiting word from both the CDC and the Canadian government.

STORY: U.S. Seeks Compromise With Canada To Save Alaska Cruise Season

Carnival President Offers Update

In a new video, Carnival President Christine Duffy offered an update on where things stand for the cruise line as the industry is still shut down. Duffy said that since the introduction of the vaccine, there has been a shift in focus where health and safety protocols are concerned. She also mentioned that 16 ships are currently in U.S. waters and are ready to get back to cruising.

To close out the video, Duffy stated that she wished she had more information to share, but “As we like to say here, We are Carnival, and we will be back.”

Carnival has currently suspended sailings through May 31, 2021.

Royal Caribbean Releases HVAC Study Results

Royal Caribbean Group has announced the results of a study done on the air conditioning system aboard Oasis of the Seas.

The study found that the transmission of aerosol particles through different spaces were undetectable on surfaces and in the air. This means that Royal Caribbean’s existing air systems are already efficient in filtration, ventilation, and fresh air intake. 

Based on the study, Royal Caribbean Group will only need to make small changes to an already efficient system, such as adjusting settings for maximum air changes per hour and upgrading filters.

STORY: Royal Caribbean’s Onboard Air System Deemed Safe For Passengers

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