Explorer of the Seas Mediterranean Cruise Review 2024 [Podcast]

In this podcast episode, the Cruise Radio host chats with Kurt about his recent 14-day cruise. He recounts his pre-cruise stay in Venice, praising its beauty, and details the embarkation from Ravenna. He speaks highly of the dining and service on Explorer of the Seas, especially at the Windjammer Cafe.

Entertainment like the ice show and the port-heavy itinerary with stops in Kotor, Corfu, and Athens are also highlighted. Kurt touches on the enjoyable sea days and casino, providing a well-rounded account of his cruise experience. Advertisements for Pair Networks and TripInsurance.com are featured as well.

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The Explorer of the Seas, a large white cruise ship, is docked at a port in a cityscape during the evening, with buildings and a cloudy sky in the background. This Mediterranean Cruise scene could easily be featured in our 2024 Podcast.
Explorer of the Seas


  • Cruise Radio Introduction (00:01:04) Speaker 1 introduces the Cruise Radio show.
  • 14-Day Cruise Experience (00:01:21) Shares his experience of a 14-day cruise through the Mediterranean.
  • Pre-Cruise Time in Venice (00:01:35) Pre-cruise experience in Venice, including hotel stay and sightseeing.
  • Embarkation at Ravenna (00:04:35) Describes the embarkation process at Ravenna, Italy.
  • Stateroom Experience (00:05:56) He shares his experience of staying in a balcony stateroom for 14 nights.
  • Dining Experience on Explorer of the Seas (00:07:17) Dining options and experiences on the cruise ship.
  • Entertainment and Sea Days (00:11:17) Onboard entertainment and sea day experiences.
  • Ports of Call (00:13:36) Shares highlights from the ports of call, including Kotor, Corfu, and Athens.
  • Athens Excursion (00:15:43) Discusses his excursion to Athens and the experience of visiting the city center.
  • Mykonos, Greece (00:17:46) Describes the beautiful white and blue buildings, narrow streets, and quaint atmosphere of Mykonos.
  • Athens and Mykonos (00:18:13) Visiting Jimmy’s for gyros and beer, enjoying the view at Little Venice, and observing sea turtles in Agosto.
  • Split, Croatia (00:19:15) Exploring the walled city, visiting Froggy Land, and experiencing the underground shopping area.
  • Zadar, Croatia (00:21:28) Describes the town, the sea organ that makes haunting sounds, and the light installation.
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia (00:22:53) Exploring the walled city, encountering a Game of Thrones tour, and enjoying a coffee shop with a view.
  • Corfu, Greece (00:24:09): I return to a coffee shop, discover a gyro restaurant, and enjoy a quiet lunch in a small courtyard.
  • Messina, Sicily (00:24:57) Visiting Torino for a beautiful overlook, exploring the town where scenes from The Godfather were filmed.
  • Naples, Italy (00:26:37): We explore Via Toledo, visit a famous coffee shop, and enjoy Naples pizza.
  • Rome, Italy (00:27:40): I spent time in Campo de Fiore, hired a driver for a tour, and explored ancient ruins.
  • Travel Tips (00:30:07) Recommendations for sailing on Explorer of the Seas, exploring Venice, Rome, and managing travel logistics.
  • Preparation and Research (00:31:08) Advice on watching travel videos, dealing with pickpockets, and carrying essentials while traveling.
  • Cruise Highlights (00:33:54) The exceptional experience of visiting Mykonos and its unique and picturesque atmosphere.
  • Explorer of the Seas Review (00:34:20) Comments on the ship’s internet, handling rough seas, and the staff’s exceptional service.

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