Finding Pet Care for your Next Cruise

This little one would give anything to go on the trip too.

I absolutely love traveling. I absolutely love my two cats. Sometimes, those two things don’t always work well together. As much as I love traveling and exploring the world, I want to make sure my pets are taken care of too.

Planning for pets on vacation is a big decision and there are a good amount of options out there. Make sure you always choose one that you’re comfortable with; you don’t want to spend your relaxing vacation worrying about Fluffy and Fido.

Here are some different pet care options you can check out for your next cruise.

Pet Sitter

Pet Sitters can be an inexpensive, stress free option – especially if you have multiple pets. They typically come to your house, so your pet’s routine stays the same. Most pet sitters have lots of experience with different animals and their needs, including applying medicines. It’s very important to get a reputable pet sitter who is licensed, bonded and insured. Check out Pet Sitters International ( for local recommendations and referrals. As a bonus, good pet sitters usually bring in the mail and water plants.


This option tends to be a little pricier, but gives you excellent peace of mind. Finding a good kennel isn’t too hard; ask your friends, your co-workers and your vet. My kennel came highly recommended by my vet, which gave me peace of mind. They know my cats by name when I call to make an appointment and always ask how they’re doing. I even get a report card with pictures emailed to me while I’m on vacation.  Be sure to visit kennels ahead of time and choose one you’re comfortable with.


If you have family or friends you trust, ask them to help out. Many times, they’re familiar and friendly with your pet already. With this option, make sure your friend or family member has the time to care for your pet when you’re gone. It is a commitment and you want to set all expectations up front. Be sure to leave specific instructions and emergency contact info with your friend.


Yup, a swap. This works great with a neighbor. While you’re gone, your neighbor watches your pet. While they’re gone, you watch their pet.  Most of the time, your neighbor is already familiar with your pet and your pet’s routines.  With neighbors, you also don’t have to go too far out of your way to check on Fluffy. This is a great money saver too, since you’re just swapping pet watching services.

What about you – what plans do you make for your pets when you travel? We’d love to hear your thoughts or suggestions.

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