8 Best Cruise Ship Venues Serving Fresh Juice

Cruise lines have emphasized their wellness offerings on board, which include everything from fitness classes and spa services to healthier restaurants and wellness-focused stateroom amenities.

In this article, we’ve focused on freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juices. So read on if you want to know more about the eight cruise ship venues serving fresh juice and a few bonus options.

1. Vitality Café — Royal Caribbean

Ships: Oasis, Allure, Harmony, Symphony, and Wonder of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships have a dedicated juice bar called Vitality Café, just outside the spa. Guests can build their juice by choosing fruits, vegetables, add-ins (milk, peanut butter, protein, etc.), and supplements they want, as well as a few protein shakes to choose from. Juices on the menu include, but are not limited to:

  • Morning Glory: beetroot, carrot, orange
  • The Mean Green Juice: cucumber, green apple, celery, spinach
  • Immune Booster: orange, lemon, ginger
  • Healthy Heartbeat Juice: green apple, carrot, ginger, beetroot, lemon
  • Adios Coffee: apple, carrot, green tea, honey, lemon, and orange

The cost of Vitality Café’s protein shakes and juices may vary depending on the ship or region, but expect to pay around $5 to $9 per beverage.

symphony of the seas vitality cafe
Vitality Café on Symphony of the Seas (Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean)

2. Senses Juice Bar — Disney Cruise Line

Ships: Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy

Senses Juice Bar is located in the Senses Spa area, which includes spa treatments, a salon, a thermal suite, and the ship’s fitness center. The juice bar has several smoothies and juices to choose from, including but not limited to:

  • X-Press: Restore Harmony and Balance: strawberry, avocado, mint, red beet, apple, goji berries
  • My Go Green: spinach, banana, avocado, lime, Soya milk, plain yogurt
  • Blast Off: Refuel: kiwi, mango, lime, matcha, blanched almond
  • Super Berry: blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, plain yogurt
  • Tropicale: strawberry, mango, orange
  • Juice Delight: carrot, coconut, passion fruit, Core Power vanilla

Though prices may vary, expect the above juices and smoothies to range from $5.25 to $9 each. Freshly-squeezed juices from just one fruit or vegetable are also available for $4.75 each, including carrots, oranges, and apples.

Tip: If you’re looking for pressed juices on Disney Wish, you can find them at the Wishing Star Café.

Interior of Senses Juice Bar at Disney Cruises
Interior of Senses Juice Bar at Disney Cruises (Photo courtesy of Disney Cruise Line)

3. Spa Café + Juice Bar — Celebrity Cruises

Ships: Celebrity Summit, Millennium, Infinity, Constellation, Eclipse, Equinox, Reflection, Silhouette, Solstice, Edge, Apex, Ascent, and Beyond

Just outside Celebrity Cruises’ spa is The Spa Café + Juice Bar, open from the morning through lunchtime. In addition to offerings like yogurt with toppings, bagels, açaí bowls, and smoothies, the casual, mostly self-serve venue offers a variety of freshly-pressed juices. Here are the options:

  • Roots: beet, strawberry, carrot, apple
  • Purple Rain: mixed berries, pear, apple, açai
  • Orange: orange, carrot, ginger
  • Piña Kale: pineapple, spinach, cucumber, ginger
  • Juice to Order: choose from the chef’s seasonal selections

Everything at The Spa Café + Juice Bar is complimentary except the juices, which cost $5, and smoothies, which are $6.

The Spa Café + Juice Bar at Celebrity Cruises
The Spa Café + Juice Bar at Celebrity Cruises

4. The Dock House — Virgin Voyages

Ships: Scarlet and Valiant Lady

Virgin Voyages focuses on wellness aboard its cruise ships, which translates into things like a large variety of indoor and outdoor workout spaces and equipment, as well as free fitness classes. It also translates into fresh juices that guests can order at The Dock House, which consists of an indoor bar and lounge space as well as an outdoor bar and sundeck with many seating options on deck 7 aft. Here are the juice options:

  • Tangerine: local Florida Tangerine
  • Grapefruit: local Florida grapefruit
  • Got the Beet: beet, apple, lime
  • Fresh Green: kale, cucumber, lime, ginger
  • I Can See Clearly Now: orange, carrot, ginger
  • Light Green: spinach, celery, cucumber, lemon, apple, ginger, parsley
  • Deep Green: kale, cucumber, cilantro, lime, celery, apple
  • Red: beet, carrot, apple, lemon, ginger
  • Orange: sweet potato, carrot, lime, orange

Healthy Shots are also available, including:

  • Unrooted Fresh Energy: turmeric, chili, baobab ($7)
  • Unrooted Good Gut: spirulina, ginger, baobab ($7)
  • House Celery Shot: celery, celery, and celery ($4)
  • House Ginger Shot: ginger, honey, and serrano ($4)
Dock house at Virgin Voyages
Dock house at Virgin Voyages (Photo courtesy of Virgin Voyages)

5. Sunshine Bar — Royal Caribbean

Ships: Anthem, Odyssey, Quantum, Spectrum, and Ovation of the Seas

Unlike the Oasis-class ships, Royal Caribbean’s Quantum-class vessels do not have a dedicated juice bar. Instead, they have the Sunshine Bar in the Solarium, a popular enclosed pool deck for adults. The bar offers classic and unique cocktails, smoothies, protein shakes, and fresh juices.

sunshine bar solarium royal caribbean anthem of the seas
Sunshine Bar on Anthem of the Seas (Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean)

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6. Zest – Juice Bar — MSC Cruises

Ship: MSC World Europa

Zest-Juice Bar is located just outside the MSC Aurea Spa on MSC World Europa and offers a variety of freshly-pressed juices to choose from.

Front view of Zest Juice Bar
Front view of Zest Juice Bar (Photo courtesy of MSC Cruises)

7. Caffè Vivo — P&O Cruises

Ship: Arcadia

Technically, Caffè Vivo is Arcadia‘s cozy little coffee shop, but crew members serve much more than coffee there. In addition to salads, bagels, noodles, cookies, and pastries, passengers can head to Caffè Vivo for smoothies and freshly-squeezed juices. Caffè Vivo is open from morning into evening.

caffe vivo P&O cruises
(Photo courtesy of P&O Cruises)

8. Buffets — Various cruise lines

This isn’t a specific venue on a particular cruise line but rather a dining location that every cruise ship has. While not every buffet on every cruise ship will have fresh juice, many of them do.

These include buffets on Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, and Viking ships.

If you want to have fresh juice throughout your voyage, do a walk-through of the entire buffet at the start of the cruise to see whether it serves juice. Just keep in mind that most cruise lines will charge you extra even though the buffet is free of charge.

viking cruises world café
World Café on Viking Star (Photo courtesy of Viking)

BONUS: Carnival’s Seaday Brunch & more

Carnival Cruise Line’s famous Seaday Brunch isn’t a “venue” per see, but it does serve fresh juices. Though offerings may vary depending on the ship, they will likely have the following for $5 each:

  • 1: carrot, orange, lime, cayenne
  • 2: pineapple, ginger, lime, dates, turmeric
  • 3: kale, romaine lettuce, apple, lemon
  • 4: pineapple, apple, beets, ginger
  • 5: apple, kale, spinach, parsley
carnival cruise line seaday brunch juice
Seaday Brunch

Final Thoughts

If you’re sailing a cruise ship that wasn’t included on this list and looking for fresh juice, don’t be afraid to ask if it’s available. Cruise lines are constantly updating their offerings, and many ships can prepare passengers’ requests even if they aren’t on a menu.

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