Nassau Rum and Food Tour Review

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On a recent Caribbean cruise I decided to check out some shore excursions on the Viator website and see what they offered, in particular, Nassau, Bahamas.

Nassau is one of those ports that I have been to dozens of times, and you can only do the Atlantis Water Park or parasailing so many times.

Enter Nassau Food and Rum Tour.

The first thing I appreciated about this tour is that the meeting point was off the pier by a couple of blocks. Being away from the pier makes it easier to find your meeting point because there’s not 10,000 cruise passengers getting off five different cruise ships. Our particular meeting point was outside The Pirate Museum, or a ten minute walk from the cruise pier.

Our tour guide starting off our Food and Rum Tour.
Our tour guide starting off our Food and Rum Tour.

Our guide was very easy to find and she brought us back to an open patio area where she explained the tour and what we were going to eat. She was very friendly and detailed.

We started out with three different types of rum and the pirate history of Nassau, Bahamas that was followed by a pirates punch.


After our first tasting we walked to a native art museum where we sampled fried conch. If you never have eaten conch in the Bahamas, it’s a must. On certain days you can actually watch them pull the conch from the water and throw them onto the pier. Conch doesn’t taste like chicken, regardless what people say!

Fried Bahamian conch.

We then proceeded to walk to the Gray Cliff which is a historical hotel and restaurant in Nassau, Bahamas. They have a confection shop attached to the property and that’s where we did another tasting. This time it was rum infused chocolate candy and it was amazing! The photos don’t do it any justice.

Rum infused chocolate.
Rum infused chocolate.

Our final stop on the Food and Rum Tour was heading to the John Watling’s Distillery where they make and bottle different types of Bahamian rums. There we tasted three types of local rum and had a chance to buy rum that was bottled on location. Our final drink was a to-go rum drink.

Our tour guide took us back to our starting point at the Pirate Museum and we were free to go about our day.

John Watling’s Distillery tasting

Final thoughts

The tour itself lasted about two and a half hours and required a fair amount of walking. If you’re a rum fan you absolutely love this tour. The servings are very hearty. If you’ve done everything there is to do in Nassau, give the Nassau Rum and Food Tour a chance. By the end of the tour you just might being singing Yo Ho Ho.

Find out more about this Viator Nassau Rum and Food Tour Shore Excursion here.


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