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Norwegian Gem Trip Report, Day 2: Eating, Meeting and Greeting



There’s something about being on a cruise ship that brings out my inner sloth. Despite taking two naps yesterday and going to sleep around 10 p.m., I had absolutely no desire to wake up this morning. My intentions to join the cruise staff for a mile walk were done in by the wonderful knowledge that if I instead rolled over and went back to sleep, no one would be the wiser. (Reason No. 4,236 I love traveling solo… there’s no pressure to do anything with anyone!)

The Gem was doing a bit of rocking, and the weather outside was windy and cold. Now, I’ve been on cruises out of New York in February and March where people got kinda testy if by day 2, the weather wasn’t clearing up. I didn’t see a lot of that today, perhaps because we’re on a 10-day cruise so nobody’s in any big hurry to get anywhere.

Preapared for anything, there are seasick bags on the banisters around the ship!

Which reminds me… I never bothered to tell you, my imaginary travelmates, where we are going! This 10-day itinerary will see us enjoying four sea days followed by stops in Antigua, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and St. Thomas… all capped off by two more sea days. This is my first 10-day cruise, and it’s also the first time I’ve been to any of the ports other than St. Thomas, which I visited for a week many years ago. Since we set sail yesterday evening, this is technically our first full sea day, but itinerary-wise, it’s day 2.

Nice To Both Meet And Greet Ya!

Anyway, I was eventually forced to get out of bed because I was hosting the Cruise Critic meet & greet at 11 a.m., and needed to get together with the ship’s event coordinator to get things set up. This was my second time hosting a meet and greet (the first being on the Breakaway three months ago), and not to toot my own horn or anything, but it turns out I’m pretty good at it. We had over 100 people show up, and what’s really cool is that when people found out I was going to raffle off a few things, several fellow passengers donated items from their hometowns.

NCL put out a nice spread for guests of the Meet & Greet.

The event was originally slated to be held in La Cucina, but we had so many slated to attend that they moved us to Magenta, one of the two main dining rooms. NCL put out a nice spread of snacky-bits along with coffee and juices, and the officers came by to introduce themselves and, in essence, beg that if something went wrong, we contact them. These meet & greets are incredibly smart on the part of the cruise line, as it shows that they recognize the power of the internet. They’d much rather have people come to them during the cruise with any complaints — thus giving them a chance to make things right — as opposed to having people get off the ship and hit message boards with negative comments.

With the help of my assistant Meredith, I gave away quite a few things at the raffle — including several bottles of wine — and got a little exercise at the same time. Why? Because somehow, nearly every person who won a prize was seated in the back of the room, which means there might very well be video out there of my fat butt running back and forth between the table holding the prizes and the people who actually won them. Here’s hoping that never actually surfaces!

Immediately after the meet and greet was the slot pull, which was organized by a guy named John and his wife. (True story: During the event, I kept asking people if the person organizing the slot pull was present. For some reason, I had it in my head it was a woman with an unusual name, not a dude named John. He kept raising his hand and I, thinking he was joking, kept saying, “Yeah, yeah… where’s the real organizer!”) The slot pull went almost exactly as slot pulls always do: We all payed our $15 bucks, we all took our spins and the machine basically ate our money. We each got $9 back which, given how long it took us to play, is probably the most time I’ve spent in a casino and walked away down only six bucks.

Passing The Buck… Literally

Afterwards, I joined my friends Dianne and Aldo for lunch at Cagneys (a perk of being either in the Haven or a VIP). If there’s one thing I don’t love about lunch in Cagneys, it’s that the menu doesn’t seem to change. Like, at all. Today’s was exactly the same as yesterday’s. I’m not sure if that’s just a fluke or will be the case the whole cruise, but if it is, I’ll probably go elsewhere for lunch at least a few days. I need a little variety! Today I went with an amazing flatbread (topped with arugula, mozzarella and some other tasty things) and a chicken Caesar salad. Pretty healthy, right? (Even if I did snitch a few of Aldo’s fries.)

The flatbread at Cagney’s… does this count as a healthy salad?

I thought this was going to be a relaxing sea day, but in case you haven’t figured it out yet, it was pretty non-stop! Next up was a game of Left, Right, Center which Dianne had organized. About 18 people gathered at La Cuchina for the game, which was a blast. If you’ve never played, the game uses a special set of dice labeled with L (left), R (Right), C (Center) and a dot. The buy-in is $3, and you have to stay at the table until the entire game is over. It works like this:

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You roll the three dice, and they tell you what to do with your money. If you have a L, you pass it to the left. If you have an R, you pass it to the right. C means your dollar goes into the center, and a dot means you get to keep it. So if you roll two L’s and a C, you pass two dollars to your left and put one in the center (which is the jackpot). Even if you run out of money, you continue to play (without rolling), because the person to your left or right will likely wind up handing you money. Eventually, all the money makes its way into the center pot, and the last person with a dollar wins it all. We made plans to play a game or two every sea day at 2 p.m., with groups of varying sizes showing up each day.

By the time the game was over, it was 3 p.m. and I was ready for a nap… but instead found myself in the casino. It wasn’t terribly crowded, so I was able to get onto one of the four Lock-And-Link Diamond games and play for a while. I didn’t hit a jackpot or anything, but I did okay.

Finally, it was naptime. As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’m not one of those powernappers. I’ve never seen the appeal of closing your eyes for 15 minutes. If I’m down, it’s for at least 90 minutes. I wound up sleeping until 6 p.m., at which point I had to make myself presentable for a Meet The Captain cocktail party being held in the Bliss Nightclub at 7 p.m.

The Captain, me and a very special tie.

Getting dressed for this night wound up being a little emotional for me. Two of my favorite people on the planet were regular cruisers on the Gem and, when he passed away a few years ago, his wife gave several of us ties as a way of remembering him. I’ve never worn it, but keep it in my bedroom as a constant reminder of the wonderful, loving guy I miss very much. Tonight, knowing this was his favorite ship, I wore that tie, thinking it would be nice to sort of metaphorically take him out to dinner one last time on the ship he loved so much.

If there was one thing I found a little tacky about the cocktail party, it was that you could have your picture taken with the captain… but only by a ship’s photographer. In other words, you couldn’t have someone use your camera to take a picture. God forbid they pass up an opportunity to sell you a photograph.

The Big, Inescapable Game

I didn’t have a dinner reservation, but was hoping to do Cagneys. While I’d lunched there the last two days, this would be my first dinner there… and, it being my favorite restaurant and all, I knew exactly what I wanted. But would I be able to get in, given how popular it is? Easily…. because (and this is where you’ll realize that this isn’t quite live, if you haven’t picked up on it already) it was Super Bowl Sunday.

If you’ve ever wondered if they show the game on the ship, not only is it aired, but it’s pretty much inescapable. The Super Bowl was being broadcast in the theater, in the Spinnaker lounge, in the Atrium and on every TV set on the ship. As a result, Cagney’s was basically a ghost town, making it easy for me to get in for my favorite meal: Crispy pork belly, baked potato soup, a medium-rare ribeye and a side of the famous Cagneys truffle fries.

I’m not even kidding when I say that I’ve had dreams about the Cagneys pork belly. It is crispy on top, served in an amazing balsamic reduction that I really, really wanted to lick off the plate. (Instead, I used a piece of bread to sop up every last drop.)

After dinner I wandered down to the casino to play a little more and had absolutely zero luck. (I’ve found I tend to have better luck on the slots during the day than at night for whatever reason.) After saying farewell to some money, I headed to the Bliss Lounge again, this time for the 70’s dance party.

Now, I love the Gem. She’s a wonderful ship, and much smaller than the Breakaway, which I’ve done numerous times. But if there’s one time when I miss Breakaway, it’s during the dance parties. Whether they hold them in Bliss or Spinnaker, they simply can’t compare to the parties held on the Breakaway at Spice H20, an outdoor venue on the very back of the ship. There’s something very cool about dancing the night away under the stars in the middle of the ocean. That said, this 70s party was very fun and distinctive in that, rather than a DJ spinning tunes, they had a band playing all the hits from the era. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a reserved grandma shaking her groove thing and singing “We Are Family” at the top of her lungs.

After wandering around the ship a bit more — and noticing, while on one of the upper decks, that the weather was definitely warming up — I headed down to my stateroom to sit on the balcony and stare at the ocean for a while before going to sleep.

DRINK OF THE DAY: Long Island Iced Tea. Now, I know I said I was going to order a drink of the day no matter what it is, but… I’m not a college kid looking to get wasted, so I passed on this one.

HIGH POINT OF THE DAY: My assistant at the Meet & Greet was a lovely, charming young woman named Meredith whose face lit up when the room applauded her handiwork. I’d cross paths with Meredith and her family several times in the coming days, and she put a huge smile on my face every single time.

LOW POINT OF THE DAY: A woman got incredibly drunk sitting at the casino bar, to the point where security had to be called to put her in a wheelchair and take her back to her room. I’m not sure what bothered me more: The bartender who’d clearly over-served her laughing as she was taken away, or the people who took out their phones to film her humiliation.



Norwegian Gem Trip Report, Day 8: St Thomas



I did two things on this cruise aboard the Norwegian Gem which I never really imagined I’d ever do. The first was two days ago, when I ziplined through the rainforests of St. Lucia. The second was early this morning, when I wound up having to visit the medical center.

This was not, as you might have guessed, how I intended to spend the morning.

The view of St. Thomas from on board the Norwegian Gem, shortly after we docked.

The original plan was that once we arrived in St. Thomas, I’d disembark early and head to the pier for my shore excursion, during which I’d take a catamaran to some exotic place and do a little snorkeling. Our time in St. Thomas was going to be very limited — the ship arrived around 7 a.m., and we were departing at 1 p.m., which meant even this snorkeling excursion would be cutting it close. (I’d booked it through the ship, so I wasn’t worried about them leaving without me if for whatever reason we wound up running late.)

But everything changed when I woke up upon our arrival, looked in the mirror and realized there was something really wrong with my eye. Assuming I had pinkeye — and absolutely terrified I’d wind up quarantined to my room as a result — I made my way down to the medical center. (In a cruelly ironic twist, the medical center was located on deck 4… mere steps away from where people were disembarking to enjoy their day in St. Thomas.) The good news? I didn’t have pinkeye. The bad news? I did have an eye infection that required treatment. (It’s worth noting that I was up around 7 a.m. waiting for the medical center to open at 8:30 a.m., and as you can see in the below picture, the chair hogs had already staked their claim. I would return to this same spot about 2 hours later and those same chairs would still be staked out, nobody in them, nobody anywhere near them.)

Clearly, these folks got up at the crack of dawn, staked their claim on the pool deck… then went back to bed for several hours.

Now, I’m not a fan of going to the doctor under the best of circumstances, and having to do so on a cruise is definitely not the “best” of anything. But I will say the medical center staff was fantastic and made the entire process pretty easy. My eye needed a medication which, fortunately, they had available on board. The doctor thought it best that I skip snorkeling, however, so that was out. (Armed with a note from the medical center, a quick visit to the shore excursion desk and the charge for the cancelled daytrip was almost immediately processed.) Suddenly having a lot more time on my hands than I’d thought I would, I joined my friend Dianne for breakfast in Moderno.

Afterwards, I disembarked and wandered from Havensight, where the ship docked, to Charlotte Amalie. I’d been to St. Thomas years ago when friends and I rented a villa for a week, and had fond memories of Charlotte Amalie’s shops and restaurants. Wandering the alleyways, I found all kinds of wonderful stores and cute restaurants. I sort of wanted to sit in one of the cute cafes and have a few drinks, but it was still early in the day and the ones I really liked weren’t even open, let alone serving alcohol.

St. Thomas is a wonderful place to simply wander around, with its shop-lined alleys and hidden bars.

One thing I’d hoped to do in St. Thomas was take the tram to Paradise Point, a spot I loved visiting a decade earlier. Unfortunately, the sky ride was out of commission, as it had been since the hurricanes hit the island in the fall of 2017. (I’m happy to report that only a week or so after our ship’s visit, the Sky Ride re-opened for visitors!)

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The sky ride to Paradise Point was sadly closed during my visit, but reopened a few days later.

I’m not a photographer by nature — as you may have noticed, based on the quality of my pictures from this trip. But wandering the streets of Charlotte Amalie made me want to be a better one. Everywhere you look, there is something interesting. (At least everywhere that isn’t housing a jewelry store… seriously, how many of them are there here? Do people really buy enough to keep all these places in business?) Bright colors, cool shops, hidden alleyways. It’s just a fantastic spot for aimless wandering… which is what I did for several hours.

I wish I’d had longer in St. Thomas, but it was actually the shortest of all our port stops, with the ship arriving at 7 a.m. and departing at 1 p.m. 


Eventually, I wandered back to the ship and headed to the Great Outdoors bar, aka my home away from home on the Norwegian Gem. The bartenders here can get incredibly busy, but they always make time to smile and chat with their regulars. By two or three days into this trip, Simon (pictured below) had become for me what Norwegian refers to as a Vacation Hero.

He’s as quick with a smile as he is with a drink… and on this particular afternoon, as several of us who’d become big fans of his gathered for cocktails while the ship sailed away, Simon helped me to get pretty buzzed. How buzzed? Well… I wound up going to the casino around 4 p.m. … where I sat at one of my beloved Lock & Link Diamond machines (I suspect that if I could, I’d marry one of these amazing slot machines!) until nearly 2 a.m.  I skipped lunch and dinner, not wanting to give up the machine. I played that machine so long I got sober… and then got tipsy again… and then sober again. I had an amazing server in the casino who would, every few drinks, bring me a bottle of water and insist I hydrate.

It was definitely the best night of the trip, casino wise… and yes, I wound up walking away with money!

Drink Of The Day: Daydreamer Daiquiri. Weirdly, on day 8 they went back to the beginning… as if there aren’t more than 7 drinks to cycle through! (Based on the number of cocktails I tasted on any given day, I can attest to the fact that this definitely isn’t true!)

High Point of the Day: The casino was very, very good to me. Not handpay good, but good enough that I walked away very happy.

Low Point of the Day: I’d really, really been looking forward to going snorkeling, so having to miss it was a bummer. As was the $600 bill for my visit from the medical center. Yes, I have travel insurance which will cover it, but ugh… the paperwork!

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Norwegian Gem Trip Report, Day 7: St Kitts



Another island, another paradise.

The Norwegian Gem, approaching the beautiful island of St. Kitts.

Today, the Norwegian Gem arrived in St. Kitts. To be honest, I considered staying on board as we were tendering and I’m just not a big fan of the whole process. But instead, I got up early, had breakfast at Modernos. It’s nice having a sit-down breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere, and the menu of offerings is decent enough that I struggled before finally deciding on Crabcakes benedict. While waiting for our meal, I perused the breakfast buffet area, where they have a nice selection of breads, fruits, yogurts, cereal and more.

In researching St. Kitts, I’d discovered a resort called Palm Court Garden which seemed like it might be an awesome place to spend the day. Upon E-mailing, I was given simple-to-follow instructions and told the cost to rent a lounger/umbrella by the pool was $12 for the day. At that price, what did I have to lose? If it turned out to be a bummer, I could just leave and find something else to do. But bummer it most definitely was not!

The beautiful little resort was an easy 10-minute walk from the pier, and even the tendering process was pretty simple. I had priority status, so I got to skip to the front of the line when I was ready to go, and the ship-to-shore trip took maybe 10 minutes, tops. (The only thing I didn’t particularly care for was that unlike the Breakaway, which has open-air, two-level tender boats, the Gem uses its enclosed lifeboats, which can be a little claustrophobic.)


The pool and hot tub at the Palm Court Gardens in St. Kitts make for a pretty awesome place to spend an afternoon.

I’ll have a full review of Palm Court Garden coming up, but suffice it to say that this is an amazing little resort to spend a day at. The gardens are lovely (if not particularly large), but the real selling point here is the pool area, complete with a hot tub, comfy loungers with umbrellas, tables and chairs and more. There’s a small bar and a restaurant serving up a pretty nice selection of food. Did I mention that the pool is of the infinity variety, and the whole thing is on a hill overlooking the ocean? It really is a gorgeous spot, and I can’t think of a better $12 investment I’ve ever made.

Palm Court Gardens features several quiet, peaceful spots.

If there’s one caveat, it is this: Palm Court Garden grants free access to cruise ship employees with valid ID. I arrived around 10 a.m. and for the first few hours, there were about 20 or so guests lounging by the pool. By mid-afternoon, cruise ship employees began to arrive and the vibe definitely changed. Not necessarily in a bad way, but the place quickly got more crowded, a bit less laid-back, a bit less relaxed… and not for nothin’, but a whole lot prettier. Several members of the entertainment staff arrived and… yeah, that’ll make you feel every year of your age and pound of your weight!

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Around 2:30 or so, I wandered back into town and explored a little bit before catching a tender back to the ship. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so I swung by O’Sheehan’s to grab some nachos and a Caesar salad with blackened chicken… just enough to hold me over until dinner. When I got back to my room, I was thrilled to find my laundry had been delivered, all freshly folded and presented in a nice little basket. Lemme tell you… getting clean clothes halfway through the trip is definitely one of my favorite perks of being a Platinum cruiser with Norwegian!

The basket the laundry was delivered in was nice enough that I kinda wanted to steal it… but didn’t.

After a nap, I met up with Aldo and Dianne for another dinner at La Cuchina. This time around, I had the carpaccio appetizer and an order of calamari, followed by perfectly prepared lamb chops. I must have had a few drinks at some point along the way, because I even allowed Dianne to convince me to let the ship’s photographer snap a pic! (Confession: I actually love this pic… we all look fantastic!)

Hey, we clean up pretty good, don’t we?


Afterwards, I hit the casino again for a little while. Before setting sail on this cruise, I’d told members of a Facebook group I’m in that I was bound and determined to get my first-ever handpay on this trip. It hadn’t happened yet, and it didn’t tonight, but I did get quite a bit of play on some fun machines. Sometimes, that’s all I ask… give me a few hours worth of bang for my buck, and I’m a happy camper. I also spent some time sitting at the casino bar chatting with random folks, which as you know by now is another of my favorite pasttimes.

I didn’t stay out too late because I knew tomorrow was our final port, St. Thomas. We were only slated to be in port from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., and I had plans to take a catamaran out for some snorkeling. Obviously this would mean getting up and off the ship early (or so I thought), so I called it an early night, figuring that after St. Thomas, I’d have two full sea days (and nights) during which to stay up late. That was the plan, anyway… but things definitely did not go exactly as I thought they would!


Drink Of The Day: Mai Tai. Somehow, I’vd never actually had one of these before. Not really my thing, but it was tasty enough.

High Point Of The Day: The resort was amazing, but the best part of the day was dinner. Ever have one of those meals where you’re hanging out with friends, maybe a little bit buzzed, and you just sort of silently take a moment to acknowledge how great life can be? Yeah, that’s pretty hard to beat.

Low Point Of The Day:  A fellow tourist offered to take my picture with the mermaid statue next to the pool at the resort. In fact, he took 10 of them to make sure at least one would come out. Awesome, right? Except… as shown below, his finger obscured my head in every single shot! Well, guess I’ll just have to go back some day and try again!

If this were a promotional photo, it could read, “I lost my head for Palm Court Garden!”

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Norwegian Trip Report, Day 5: Beachlimerz, Antigua



While I’ve been sleeping in every day during this trip on the Norwegian Gem, I broke that pattern this morning, waking up around 7 a.m. And man, am I glad I did. Stepping out onto my balcony, I saw that we were steaming toward our first port stop. There, rising out of the mist like Skull Island in a King Kong movie was Antigua.

Our early morning arrival was more breathtaking than my crappy picture-taking abilities can capture.

Most of my cruises have been the typical itinerary when you sail out of New York City: Florida, Nassau and (assuming I’m on a Norwegian ship), Great Stirrup Cay, the line’s private island. This was my first 10-day sailing out of New York (or anywhere else for that matter), and after four days at sea Antigua was going to be our first stop. In the past, my favorite port to sail into (with my limited experience) was Nassau. Well, move over, cause there’s a new favorite in town.

I don’t know if it’s just because this was something new, or of it was the way the island of Antigua slowly revealed herself, like a vaudevillian striptease act. A glimpse of a shoreline, a pop of color coming from buildings on a hillside, a catamaran sailing out to sea. I sat on my balcony, mesmerized as we got closer and closer.

As we sailed into Antigua, the day got progressively more gorgeous.

A group of about 9 of us were planning to go to a place called Beachlimerz which we’d sort of randomly stumbled across while researching what to do in Antigua. None of us had been there, but we’d read some good reviews. By 8 a.m. I was heading up to Moderno, where those with priority disembarkation would be met by a member of the concierge staff and escorted off the ship.

If there’s one thing I don’t like about many Caribbean ports — and Antigua is no exception — it is the almost literal assault by locals who want to take you for a ride or sell you something. While the would-be taxi drivers in Antigua were mostly very nice, there were at least 100 of them you had to make your way through to get to the main shopping area. And what makes this even more annoying is when you politely but firmly say “No thanks, I’m good” and keep walking, three more — who just saw and heard you say no — will approach and ask if you want or need a taxi. One guy, working the dock just to the left of the pier, was “playfully” trying to win over female customers, most of whom were offended by his borderline crude approach to marketing.

But back to our story.

We did not book Beachlimerz through the ship, but instead had directly E-mailed with them, corresponding with an incredibly friendly woman named Gail (whom we would later find out is the manager). She arranged to have a service she knows and trusts pick us up at a specified location on Heritage Quay. Wanting to explore a little bit, I got off the dock about an hour before our appointed meeting time and wandered around the port area a bit, soaking in the colorful buildings and unmistakably Caribbean vibe.



We met our ride at 9:30 and were at Beachlimerz by 10 a.m…. where Gail and the bartender, Marvelous (who lives up to that moniker) greeted us with rum punches. Looking at the waves crashing on the beautiful beach a few feet away, I swear, I half expected Gail to do her best Mr. Roarke and say, “Welcome to Fantasy Island.”

The gorgeous beach in front of Beachlimerz is pretty much the definition of paradise.

What followed was just about the best experience one could hope to have. We had beach chairs and umbrellas on a private beach that was only steps away from a bar which felt almost like a treehouse, and they later served up a delicious lunch.The oasis offers both Pay-As-You-Go options and a package which includes a couple drinks, lunch and beach chair rentals for around $60 (which is the option we went with, collectively, and found to be a great deal!).

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As we lounged on the private beach, Marvin The Marvelous brought us delicious drinks!


The Beachlimerz bar and restaurant feels almost like a treehouse, overlooking the beautiful beach.


At one point, I walked from the beach we were on — which formed sort of a cove — down to another area about a half-mile away. While our group had the Beachlimerz area all to ourselves, the other end of the beach was crowded with not only guests but locals pedaling their wares (not a one of which we saw at Beachlimerz all day long).

When lunchtime rolled around, the staff served up some delicious grub at tables located near the bar.


I’ll have a full review coming, but if you’re heading to Antigua, I can’t recommend Beachlimerz highly enough. After an amazing day (despite incredibly strong surf which left some folks wary of actually going into the water), we headed back to the ship around 3 p.m., which was about 90 minutes before everyone was to be on board. Heading to my stateroom, I freshened up a bit… and went out on my pier-facing balcony just in time to watch two runners making their way back to the ship.

For the uninitiated, “runners” are people who, for whatever reason, aren’t back on the ship at the announced time. Generally, about a half hour before the scheduled sailaway time, you’ll hear announcements being made asking passengers to get in touch with guest services. You know how they scan your card when you leave the ship and then again when you return? Well, that’s so they know exactly who’s on board and who’s not. (This is also the reason many people only book shore excursions through the ship. If something goes wrong and you are late getting back, the ship will wait for those who booked through the ship, as they know exactly where you are. Those who either book independently or just lose track of time while wandering around the shops — or having a few cocktails — are pretty much unaccounted for). As the two stragglers whose names had been paged finally began making their way to the ship, people on some of the upper decks could be heard shouting, encouraging them to run…. not that either seemed all that interested in doing so. (Personally, I’d be mortified to know that the entire ship was basically waiting for my butt to get back!)

I did a little bit of pre-dinner gambling before meeting my friends at La Cuchina, Norwegian’s Italian eatery. In the past, I’ve had not-so-great experiences at this particular venue, but I have to say… over the course of 10 days, we ate here three different nights… and it was excellent each time. This evening I went with a perfectly prepared shrimp fra diavalo and — go ahead, judge — a side order of fries. (Major kudos to our waiter for not batting an eye when I asked for fries with my pasta… even I was giving myself stankeye for that one!)

Afterwards, I resisted the siren call of the casino and instead headed to my room to read for a while before calling it an early night. I had a bit of trouble shutting off my brain, however, because I knew tomorrow we’d be arriving in St. Lucia and I’d be doing something I was both excited and terrified of: zip-lining. Would I actually go through with it?

As they say in the soap opera business, tune in tomorrow…

Drink Of The Day: Bahama Mama. These feature three different kids of rum, fresh pineapple, orange juice and grenadine… and they go down far too easily!

High Point Of The Day: Beachlimerz. Having sort of convinced several other passengers to give this place a try, I was worried. But it turned out to be an amazing day and a real highlight of the trip for all of us.

Low Point Of The Day: I really regret not having gone to see the Big Band Tribute put on by the Norwegian Gem Showband in the Spinnaker Lounge. As a fan of Big Band Music, I know I would have enjoyed the heck out of that.

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