Royal Caribbean Introduces Multi-Day Adventures

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For cruisers looking for more immersive cultural experiences while in port, Royal Caribbean has introduced something new for you.  The Multi-Day Adventures program offers travelers two-day overnight explorations that allow guests to go further and stay longer in different ports.

The new program has been designed to take care of all the details, so that guests don’t have to worry about a thing.  The rich adventures include fully guided tours of some of the destinations’ most iconic spots, dining, airfare (where applicable), hotel accommodations, and transportation.  Guests who choose to go on a Multi-Day Adventure will begin their experience mid-cruise when they depart the ship, and then spend time in the destination before rejoining their ship at the next port of call.  How neat for people who cruise more for the destinations than the onboard experiences!

Some highlights of the program include:

  • Tikal and Ceremonial Show – Beginning with a flight from either Belize or Honduras to Guatemala, guests can discover the ancient Mayan capital, trek into the jungle to check out the ruins at Tikal National Park, and experience an authentic Mayan ceremonial experience.  Afterwards, they will board a return flight to meet the ship.
  • Agrolida Region and Katakolon – This excursion takes travelers back in time to Greece’s iconic citadels.  Guests will discover the Acropolis of Athens and the Ancient Mycenae site of Argolida, stay in the nation’s first capital, Nafpolio, and travel to Ancient Olympia, where the first Olympic Games took place.
  • Bangkok – This excursion brings all of Thailand’s historic capital to guests’ fingertips.  The two-day journey includes adventures into the city’s canals and river tributaries via motor launch, and visits to iconic monuments and sites including the Wat Traimit; the Asiatique riverfront, Wat Arun; and the Grand Palace – full of adornments and ornate architecture.

Royal Caribbean’s multi-day excursions are designed for travelers that want deep, more intimate experiences with the places they’re visiting, while not having to worry about any of the logistical details.  They will be available around the world, in place including the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

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