Check Out Royal Caribbean’s $75,000 a Week Suite [Images, Video]

If you want to stay in Royal Caribbean’s most expensive suite yet — not to mention the most expansive — you should definitely plan on raiding the Christmas Club account. Priced at around $75,000 a week, the Ultimate Family Townhouse will be featured on the line’s upcoming Icon of the Seas. What does that kind of money buy you? Well, let’s take a closer look…

ultimate family townhouse icon of the seas
(Rendering courtesy of Royal Caribbean)

Welcome to the Neighborhood

One of the coolest things about the townhouse is its location: Not only is it situated on the back of the ship (which means killer wake views), but it’s also got a private entrance to Surfside. What’s that, you ask? Well, Surfside is a brand new, family-friendly “neighborhood” being introduced on Icon of the Seas.

The entire area was created to give families a space where everyone could spend the entirety of the day together. In other words, the goal is to have something for everyone, from the youngest child to grandma and grandpa. This includes everything from a water features to a carousel, restaurants to pools, and even bars which serve both adult and kid-friendly drinks.

The suite’s lower level is steps away from Icon‘s newest neighborhood. (Rendering courtesy of Royal Caribbean)

So what does this have to do with the townhouse? Well, the ground floor of the suite features a large balcony — including a ping-pong table — which is surrounded by a white picket fence. Guests of the suite can open a gate on that fence and walk directly into the heart of Surfside.

Room For An Extended Family

One of the first questions people have about the suite is just how many people it will hold. According to Royal Caribbean, the townhouse can accommodate up to eight guests. In other words, bring the whole family (or gather your friends and have them all chip in… after all, $75,000 divided by eight works out to only a little over $9,000 per person!)

But back to details about what you’ll find in the space, which encompasses over 1,700 square feet. Oh, sorry, that’s just the interior… because there are also three different balconies! The biggest of which is off the living area, pictured below. (And yes, that’s a slide connecting the two levels!) This particular balcony spans around 400 square feet.

Talk about kid friendly… although we suspect the slide will be used by more than a few adults, too! (Rendering courtesy of Royal Caribbean)

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This level also features a movie room, complete with a popcorn maker and karaoke machine. And among the comfy furniture you’ll find in this perfect-for-lazing-about area is a monster-themed daybed. (This might just make it easier to get the kids to nap…)

This cutaway gives a better idea of just how sprawling the townhouse truly is. (Rendering via Royal Caribbean)

The top level features two bedrooms. First up is the master, with a king-size bed, double vanity and large shower. Next up is a kid’s room, in which you’ll find bunk beds and a separate bathroom, this one with a tub perfect for post-play cleanups.

There are, of course, perks which come with plunking down such a huge amount of money for the best suite on the ship. Those include things like “free” wi-fi, drinks, and of course a butler. Sorry, here they’re referred to as “Royal Genies”…. although no matter how you slice it, they’re pretty useful to have around, especially when it comes to keeping that huge space tidy and arranging for in-suite dinners and such.

Want a closer look at everything the suite offers? Check out the video below.

Royal Caribbean Top 5: Ultimate Family Townhouse Features on Icon of the Seas

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