Royal Caribbean Tries Something New [VIDEO]

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As one of the few sectors of the travel industry to be experiencing double-digit grown in numerous markets, it’s not surprising that cruise lines are pouring a fair amount of money into advertising; both in the United States and around the world. Generally, the ads feature exactly what you’d expect to see: shots of beautiful cruise ships cutting through blue waters as passengers hoist cocktails, climb rock walls, and dance the night away – all to energetic music. But with its latest advertising campaign, Royal Caribbean is focusing a little bit more on the actual destinations rather than the journey.

Why this Ad is Different

In this latest ad from London-based agency Hometown, which debuted in England in late December, gone are the typical quick-edits and vibrant music. Also gone are any images from onboard a ship, although footage of one sailing through crystalline waters remains. Instead, the quiet ad features a series of latitude and longitude numbers superimposed on the screen over images of what one might expect to see, hear, and experience in those locations. The commercial is just part of a multi-million dollar “Where Extraordinary Happens” campaign expected to run in heavy rotation through at least early February.

Check out the ad below, then hit the comments and let us know what you think!

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