Top 5 Oceanic Movies You Must Watch

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Sailing is one of the most revolutionary forms of transportation. Sailing has been an integral part of various cultures for many centuries. The human fascination and reverence of the sea have inspired many men and women to set sail with hopes of discovering what lies beneath the blue carpet.

For eons, filmmakers have been trying to capture the strength and splendor of the ocean and its creatures on camera. There have been a multitude of stories based on real life as well as fiction highlighting the dramatic, and sometimes, frightening stories of people at sea.

We have compiled a list of five must-watch oceanic movies that are sure to awe and inspire you.

1. The Bounty– The Bounty is based on the oldest and most famous oceanic stories ever-Mutiny on the Bounty. The 1984 retelling of this famous story stars Anthony Hopkins, Mel Gibson, Liam Neeson, Laurence Oliver, and Daniel Day-Lewis. With an amazing star cast like this, it is no wonder that this is one of the best nautical movies of all times. The audience gets a real sense of the scale on which the characters and the ship travels. The story is has an intensely human perspective thanks to the circumstances placing the characters aboard the Bounty under the dictatorial leadership of Lieutenant Bligh played by Anthony Hopkins.

2. Oceans 11- Ok, ok. Although, not a movie set on the sea. Oceans 11 is a great movie to watch when you are on some down-town on your ocean voyage (I know this from experience). Set in the bright lights of casinos of Las Vegas, Oceans 11 is a classic heist movie. Oceans 11, follows heister Danny Ocean played by George Clooney and his crew which includes Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts as the take a Vegas Casino for millions. This movie is much watch, and in particular, if you are fan of casino games, but even if you are not it’s still a great watch.

3. In the Heart of the Sea– This movie is based on the highly acclaimed novel, Moby Dick. This movie highlights the turbulent nature of the sea, as well as the frightening creatures that it holds within itself. It is not an entirely dark film as some of the characters manage to come out of the ordeal with their honor and humanity intact. The choices that these men are presented with are terrifying, and it is an ordeal for them to keep their sanity and dignity alive under the circumstances. The film has some beautiful cinematography with sweeping shots of sails being hoisted on the masts and ships gliding through the blue waters of the ocean.

4. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World– This seafaring epic features Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany. The film follows the story of two men engaged in a cat and mouse globetrotting battle. Their ship, called the Surprise, must take on the Archeron which is the pride of Napoleon’s fleet. Despite being at a severe disadvantage regarding ammunition, Captain Aubrey (Crowe) motivates his crew to take on their formidable opponent. Master and Commander was made into an excellent board game which you could also bring with you on your cruise.

5. All is Lost: The movie, All is Lost, is one of the most memorable films by the legendary actor Robert Redford. It is a one-of-a-kind film that depicts the struggle between man and nature in a way that had not been shown on-screen before. While many films have highlighted man dealing with natural disasters, none have managed to capture it as effectively as in All is Lost. There is minimal dialogue in this movie, but the manner in which Redford fights of the sea earns our respect, fear, and at times, sorrow.

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