Travel Agent Leaves Cruise Passengers Stranded, Again

For the second time, a travel agent from Minnesota has left groups of cruise passengers in highly inconvenient situations. One group found themselves in Costa Rica with no place to stay, while another was informed that their cruise bookings had been suddenly canceled.

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Travel agent Monica Faulkner had been paid in full by over 71 passengers who had lodged complaints.

The trouble began when Faulkner failed to reserve and pay for their lodgings in Costa Rica. The agent reportedly booked last-minute accommodations in different Airbnbs, condominiums, and other homestay properties. 

Abandoned with No Accommodations in Costa Rica

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As Faulkner coordinated with property owner Jennifer Little, Little noted that the last-ditch effort seemed odd. She also claimed that Faulkner seemed to avoid her clients and warned her not to say anything to them. 

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Faulkner and Little finalized the lease, with Faulkner’s passport as collateral. Despite repeated attempts to collect payment, Little heard various excuses, and the travel agent began avoiding her as well. When they finally met on April 24, Faulkner snatched her passport from Little after an elaborate show of trying to send Little the money she owed. She left the country the next day.

Recalling the incident, Little told FOX 9, “PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, none of that was going through. Then, other people she owes money, $3,051, they sent her an invoice on PayPal, and that’s when she started acting like she was going to pass out.”

Faulkner currently owes property owners over $10,000 in unpaid leases in Costa Rica.

Around 71 vacationers who occupied the hastily reserved lodgings were eventually turned out because they hadn’t been paid by Faulkner. This forced some members of the group to fly home while others paid again.

Travel Agent Cancels on Pre-Cruise Travelers 

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Two weeks before their sailing date, a group of passengers headed to Aruba unceremoniously realized their trip had been canceled. Some were informed by Faulkner; others realized the fact after she stopped communicating with them.

Concerned about their vacation, some vacationers called the hotel only to be told they had no reservations. Each traveler claims to have paid Faulkner around $2,500 each.

Narrating the conversation with the hotel, Antionette Steele said, “I gave him the name of everybody in my party, and they said no one has a room under their name. I’m like that’s crazy because we gave this lady a total of $5,600.” 

Aside from a $125 deposit to Little, no one has received any refunds or payments from Faulkner.

Last month, Faulkner left around 50 passengers stranded at a Florida cruise terminal, unable to board their cruise.

Below is the story of her first incident last month. Fulkner’s travel agency has over a dozen scam complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau.


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