8 Things You Should NOT Bring on Your Cruise

When getting ready for your cruise, one of the first things you’ll do as the time draws closer is make a packing list of what to bring. In fact, you probably do that for any big trip you’re going to be taking. It’s important to keep track of the things you don’t want to forget, but there’s something else important to keep in mind: what not to bring.

Whether the cruise line downright prohibits it, or it’s just a better idea to leave at home, here are eight things you shouldn’t bring on your next cruise vacation.

1. An Iron

iron pixabay
(Photo courtesy of Pixabay/Mimzy)

We don’t know of a cruise line that does allow irons, so be sure to leave yours at home. If you pack it anyway, your bag will be taken out of security and they will confiscate the iron before they allow your bag to be brought onto the ship. This could mean delays in your luggage getting to your cabin, a messy suitcase since they had to rummage through it, and possibly lost items.

If you’re worried about inevitably wrinkly clothes once you get onto the ship, there are some solutions. You could pack a travel-sized wrinkle release spray, which does a decent job at getting most wrinkles out. In addition, some cruise lines have public laundry rooms available to passengers with irons and ironing boards available for use. And lastly, if you’re truly desperate, you could always pay for laundry service where they will iron your clothing items for you.

2. Towels

carnival pride towel animals
Towel Animals in Serenity on Carnival Pride

Every type of towel you will need is provided for you on the ship. Whether it’s pool towels for the onboard pools or taking into port for a beach day, or your bath towels and washcloths, the ship will have you covered. There’s no need to take up valuable luggage space with them.

3. Shampoo and Soap

MSC Meraviglia
Bathroom on MSC Meraviglia

This is a somewhat debated one, but you don’t actually need to bring shampoo and soap. The cruise line will have shampoo and shower gel dispensers on the wall of the shower, and some go a step further with conditioner and bar soap. If you want to bring a specific brand or are sensitive to fragranced products, etc. those would be exceptions to the rule. But if you couldn’t care less what type of products you’re using in the shower, don’t worry about packing them.

4. Bathrobe

viking sky bathrobe norway

A lot of people probably don’t even use bathrobes while on vacation (or at home), but if you do, you’re in luck — the cruise line will have them already in your cabin. They treat robes much like towels; if you accidentally spill juice on it while enjoying your morning breakfast on the balcony, you can just leave it on the floor and your steward will bring you a new one when they clean your cabin. These robes are particularly useful for going between your cabin and the spa if you don’t want to wear actual clothes over your bathing suit.

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5. Alcohol

rum whiskey bottles pixabay
(Photo courtesy of Pixabay/Wiktor)

Cruise lines have strict policies when it comes to bringing alcohol onboard, and you don’t want your expensive bottle of whiskey confiscated before you even get onto the ship. Most lines’ policies are two bottles of wine or champagne per cabin. Sometimes you’re allowed to bring a small case of beer, too. Hard liquor, however, is almost never allowed, so don’t even try to test it. When cruising, you’ll have to either purchase a drink package or cough up the cost of the cruise line’s prices — or sail with a line that includes alcohol in the cruise fare.

6. Guns and Knives

pocketknife weapon pixabay
(Photo courtesy of Pixabay/Brett_Hondow)

This is pretty self-explanatory — weapons aren’t allowed on cruise ships, and you can get into major trouble for even attempting to bring them onboard.

7. Power Strips With Surge Protectors

surge protector power strip

It can be tempting to bring along your big fancy power strip to ensure that you have enough outlets for all of your devices, especially if you’re sailing an older ship that has two outlets in the entire cabin (if you’re lucky). But if you’re going to bring a device that gives you more outlet space, make sure to check your specific cruise line’s police about surge protectors. Some lines don’t allow them, and others do. If yours doesn’t, you don’t want to find out when security takes it out of your suitcase and you’re left without any extra outlet space at all.

8. Too Many Shoes and Clothes

suitcase overpacking packing luggage

This is certainly the most preferential item on the list, and you can technically pack as many shoes and clothes as you want as long as you don’t exceed the cruise line’s baggage limit. But, we’d advise that you carefully consider each article of clothing and pair of shoes that go into your suitcase and really think about whether you will realistically use it, and whether you could easily make do with re-wearing something else instead.

There have been countless times that we have packed something we were just sure we’d finally wear on the trip (that we didn’t even remember we had at home) only to see it still sitting there neat and folded by the time we pack up to head home. The more luggage you have, the more of a hassle it is, so just put a bit of extra thought into your cruising wardrobe before you leave home.

We hope this article has been helpful for you as you prepare for your cruise vacation!

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8 things you should not bring on your cruise

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