11 Carnival Conquest Tips [PHOTOS]

Carnival Conquest was launched in 2002 as the first Conquest-class cruise ship. At the time, it was the largest ship built by Carnival and came in at an impressive 110,000 gross registered tons, which, while not massive in today’s market, is a decent size.

carnival conquest tips lido deck

Her decoration is based on French Impressionist art from the 19th century and is beautiful from bow to stern. She certainly lives up to Carnival’s “Choose Fun” tagline, offering four, five, and seven-day cruises from Miami, Florida.

Completely refurbished with Carnival’s signature Fun Ship 2.0 renovations, with the addition of the RedFrog Rum Bar & the ever-popular Guys Burger Joint, she is more spectacular than ever. 

So, now that you have booked your cruise on Carnival Conquest, what are some tips and hacks to make the most of your time at sea? 

Here are 11 Carnival Conquest tips.

1. Embarkation Day Lunch at Ol’ Fashioned BBQ

carnival conquest  guy's bbq
A trio of meats with sides from Ole Fashioned BBQ. (DOUG PARKER/CRUISE RADIO)

When you board your ship, skip the Lido Buffet on embarkation day (called the Cezanne restaurant on the Conquest). Instead, head all the way aft, past the buffet, and head up the stairs. On the next deck, the Panorama, or deck 10, is the Ol’ Fashioned BBQ restaurant. This space uniformly receives positive reviews from patrons and gets crowded as word spreads around the ship in subsequent days.

You will practically have it to yourself by eating here on embarkation day. Additionally, even though it could be classified as a “Specialty Restaurant,” this BBQ joint has no additional fees for guests.

Insider Tip: Try the baked beans. They have BBQ burnt ends chopped up into them and are simply delicious.

2. Secret decks

carnival conquest  at sea

When the Lido gets too crowded for you, or you want a special spot to take photos, head all the way forward on decks 6 & 7, the Upper and Empress decks. Here, you will find a quiet spot tucked away from the rest of the ship, perfect for taking photos or enjoying the sea breeze.

It is especially scenic while entering or leaving ports like Old San Juan, where the ship passes the El Morro fortress and seemingly impregnable city walls, or catching a sunset over the impossibly blue ocean while departing Grand Turk. 

3. Craving Steak?

carnival conquest  steakhouse

Located high up on Deck 10, the Panorama Deck, The Point Steakhouse tempts cruisers with a wide array of meats and sides reminiscent of a fine New York steakhouse.

While there is a $48 additional charge for dining here, the quality of the food, service, and presentation makes this a true fine dining experience for a bargain. The food is amazing, and the fee includes a bottle of house wine per cabin, adding extra value to your visit. 

For an appetizer that is a little different, try the “Smoked and Iced Oysters,” which garnered rave reviews. Also, depending on your tastes, there are four different sauces for your meat; if you are unsure which one to choose, your waiter can recommend one that will complement your particular entrée. 

4. Have a Drink at the Artist’s Lobby

carnival conquest atrium

Atrium or Lobby bars are the most neglected bars on a Carnival ship. While people wait in long lines at the Alchemy Bar or the Red Frog Rum Bar, you should head to the atrium’s base to the Artists Lobby Bar.

To begin with, the atrium onboard the Carnival Conquest is simply beautiful, with a ceiling painted in French Impressionist style and furnishings reminiscent of the Empire Style made famous in Paris during the Belle Epoch. Drinks are delicious, as expected, and lines are usually minimal.

To add to the fun, a string band or other entertainer usually plays the stage and space for dancing. 

5. Do an Art Walk

carnival conquest promenade

Since the overall motif of the ship centers around 19th-century French Impressionist art, the Carnival Conquest truly has a unique set of decorations. On an elegant night, get a glass of champagne from your favorite bar and take time to appreciate the art in the ship’s public area.

The Promenade Deck has some of the most interesting art, from Vincent’s Jazz Bar with its whimsical sunflowers and the giant one in the Sunflower Atrium just outside the bar to the Tahiti Casino and its Paul Gaugin-style South Seas decorations. Always remember to look up; some of the most interesting art on the Conquest is on the ceiling.

carnival conquest  theater

Finally, don’t miss the Toulouse Lautrec Main Show Lounge, which has larger-than-life representations of the artists’ famous French dancers and huge windmills on either side of the stage.  

6. Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast

Seuss breakfast waffles carnival conquest

Typically, specialty restaurants aboard cruise ships range in the $$$ pricing category. However, Carnival Conquest offers a fun and unique sea-day option, only $5 per person.

Typically, the Seuss at Sea Green Eggs & Ham breakfast takes place on the second sea day of a trip.

There are two seatings in the morning, and a special Seuss-themed menu is in place, which includes “Moose Juice,” “Gravity Defying Pancake Stacks,” and, of course, “Green Eggs & Ham,” among other options.

Not only is the menu fun, but characters from the books appear for photos and signing of autographs. It is a lot of fun for anybody, but families especially enjoy it. 

7. Try the Sea Day Brunch

seaday brunch
Steak and eggs are served at the Sea Day Brunch. (DOUG PARKER/CRUISE RADIO)

If Dr. Seuss brunch is a little too… young for you, or you want a meal that is a bit more civilized than one run by a large cat in a hat, think about going to the Sea Day brunch.

Hosted in the main dining room, the brunch may have a smaller menu than what is offered at the buffet, but you won’t have to get up early to snag a table, and there are additional items such as steak & eggs and cheesecake. And hey, you’re on a cruise, so why shouldn’t you have cheesecake at breakfast? 

8. Keeping with the Breakfast Theme

carnival conquest  blueiguana cantina
Burrito from the Blue Iguana Cantina. (DOUG PARKER/CRUISE RADIO)

You will want breakfast at the BlueIguana Cantina on the Lido Deck. If you get tired of a buffet and don’t want a sit-down meal in the dining room, check out the breakfast items at the BlueIguana. The breakfast burrito is particularly delicious!

Plus, most people are not in the know about this spot for breakfast food, so the line is usually non-existent. 

9. Adults Only Serenity

carnival conquest serenity
Serenity spans two decks. (DOUG PARKER/CRUISE RADIO)

Located over two decks, the adults-only Serenity area is made for relaxation. Typically, if the main decks around the pool are getting too crowded or loud for you, Serenity is a good bet, as there are often loungers or chairs available here.

Additionally, there is a set of bathrooms and a bar exclusively for Serenity guests. And the best part? Serenity is included in your base cruise fare, so no additional fees. 

10. Splurge on a Balcony or Oceanview Room

carnival conquest  at sea

With 60% of her rooms having ocean views and 60% of those being balcony rooms, Carnival Conquest is a perfect pick for people looking to cruise somewhere other than an inside cabin. Also, for families, there are many connecting cabins to choose from, making the price for two rooms less than a single balcony room on some of the newer ships.

Additionally, even though the ship is huge and has plenty to do because it was launched in 2002, it often has lower prices than newer ships like Carnival Panorama or Carnival Horizon.

11. Bring a Power Strip

cruise ship plug

We recommend this Cruise Power Strip that is safe for cruise ships with no surge protector.

However, there is one electric outlet in each stateroom located in the desk area. The outlet has a 3-prong 110-volt and a 220-volt (European).

Carnival details the information on their website. But be careful with what type of power strip you bring. If any type of cord is attached, it will likely be confiscated as a fire hazard and returned to you at the end of the cruise after debarking.

Carnival Conquest Tips and Tour (2019)

11 carnival conquest tips

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