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17 Cruise Lies Everyone Believes

Sarah Bretz



We’ve heard it time and time again, a friend, a neighbor, or relative, talking bad about cruises. Giving excuse after excuse of why they’ll never understand why you waste your money on a cruise vacation.

Here are the top 17 cruise lies I’ve heard:

1. Only For Old People

I personally have been cruising since I was a kid; more and more college students and young families are discovering spring break cruises. Get the Titanic mindset out of your mind, it’s not 1912 anymore and everyone on board is not super rich and 90.

2. Drinking Costs Too Much 

Not sure where you’ve been drinking, but a beer in NYC cost me $7 a bottle. Depending on the brand, you can expect to pay around $5-$6 for beer and around $7 for a cocktail on a cruise ship. Frozen drinks – a little more. If you have a set budget, you could look into a pre-paid drink package. When all else fails, bring two bottles of wine (you’re allowed).

3. Too Confining 

When someone says this about cruising, I immediately wonder if they’ve only seen cruise ships in the movies. There isn’t one area on ships these days that make you feel claustrophobic. Nowadays ships are moving away from building venues like a tight jigsaw puzzle and focusing more on space and the connection to the sea.

4. Too Formal 

As tradition would have it, most cruise lines are still doing formal or elegant nights, but by no means do you have to participate. It is only suggested attire. Long as you stick to the right dress, you won’t get turned away.

5. Boring

For some reason, a lot of people still associate cruising with smoking cigars in a stuffy lounge, or laying out on a deck chair all day.  While those things can be nice, they are by no means the end to a cruise vacation.  Nowadays more than ever, cruise ships are absolutely filled with activities and adrenaline-filled fun.  There’s water parks, movies, skydiving simulators, workshops and games, clubs for people of every age, and countless more opportunities for fun. Just check out our live blogs from Carnival Vista.

6. Too Expensive

Cruising is actually one of the cheapest kinds of vacations you can have if you love to see different parts of the world.  Do your research, and you’re sure to find a cruise that will blow a land-based vacation out of the water.  Think about it – accommodations, food, and most activities on the ship are covered in one cost.  How much would you spend for all of that separately on land? Plus, you only have to unpack once! Check cruise price drops here.

7. I’ll Gain Weight

Yes, you definitely might, but there are ways to combat that.  Some of our favorite and easiest tips are: take the stairs whenever possible, limit frozen/syrupy drinks, and avoid overly sweet/greasy foods for most of your meals except a FEW indulgences.

8. Too Regimented

Only if you let it. While you could have a day packed full of scheduled activities, they are optional.  Some people lay by the pool all day, some pack everything in, but the best idea for most days is to probably have a good balance of both fun and relaxation.  Don’t feel like eating dinner at your designated seating time? Skip it that night and hit the buffet when you’re ready. It’s vacation – do it how you want! Norwegian Cruise Line is the kind of Freestyle Cruising.

9. Can’t Be Connected

In the past few years, most cruise lines have been moving toward better internet access for their guests.  For almost all cruises, wifi will cost you – but it’s much cheaper and speedier than five years ago.  If internet isn’t a necessity for you, though, we strongly recommend you put away your phone, and enjoy a disconnected vacation. You’ll be surprised what fun you’ll have!

10. I’ll Get Sick

Cruise lines are required to report norovirus once it affects a certain percent of passengers aboard a ship, and then the media makes a heyday out of it.  But you know what?  Norovirus is actually much more prevalent on land, and probably happens in your area a lot more than you ever know about or realize.  Yes, sickness happens, but the best defense aboard a cruise is to load up on vitamin C, wash your hands often, and use common sense.  If illness does take over, every ship has a clinic if you need it.

11. Food is Bad

I don’t know where this stereotype came from, but 99 percent of the time, it’s just not true.  There is such a variety of venues and dishes to try aboard most cruise ships, and some of it is the best you’ll find – even compared to restaurants on land.

12. It’s a Booze Cruise

Shorter sailings are probably more “party cruise” type atmospheres than others, but this is the exception, not the rule.  Truth is, there will always be people partying it up, and there will always be people there to purely relax and enjoy the activities and ports.  Find your people, and have a blast.  The ships are big enough for everyone.

13. Cruises Are Dangerous

Cruise ship emergencies are extensively talked about in the media and across the internet, for the pure fact that they’re a rarity and surprising.  That right there should tell you that they’re an extremely safe method of travel. Hundreds of thousands of people are on a cruise as we speak, and chances are, they’ll return home safe and sound.

14. Too Many Kids

For every ship absolutely brimming with kids, there are adults-only lounges, decks, and bars.  But if you still can’t stand the thought of kids running around and shouting to each other no matter where you are on the ship, try one of the cruise lines that specifically caters more to adults.  Chances are, you’ll find less kids on those sailings.

15. Too Long

People saying this don’t know much about cruising.  Cruises can range from short three and four-night getaway sailings to voyages that last for months on end.  Pick your poison, and have a wonderful trip.

16. Travel Insurance is a Rip Off 

Don’t believe in travel insurance. Just ask the 20-something year old couple that were flying from CT to FL for a cruise this past January. They didn’t want to waste money on travel insurance (it was $33 per person!). Long story short, their flights got snowed in, they were stuck driving 15 hours to Miami to catch their ship. Spend the few dollars to protect yourself!

17. Cruises are for Lazy People

Take that back! Some of the most action-packed, fun-filled days can be spent aboard a cruise ship…even on a sea day.  As mentioned above, there are tons of activities for those who don’t want to sit in a lounger or eat at the buffet all day.  Cruising is neat because there is truly something for everyone, you just have to be willing to try new things, and remember the most important thing: you’re on vacation – do whatever your heart desires.

What’s the best cruise lie you’ve heard? Leave a comment below!

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