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7 Former Carnival Ships – Where Are They Now?



Carnival Cruise Line, formed in 1972, is known today as the most popular cruise line in the world. Since its conception, the cruise line has only had seven ships that aren’t currently sailing with them anymore.  Some have long been scrapped, and some continue to sail under other cruise companies today.  Check out a bit of history behind their seven former ships, and see where they are now.

Former Carnival Cruise Line Ships

1. Mardi Gras



Mardi Gras was sold to Carnival from Canadian Pacific in 1972, and was just over 18,000 gross registered tons.  She sailed under Carnival until 1993, and was then sold to Epirotiki.  Many names and a few cruise lines later, the ship was laid up and ultimately sold for scrap in 2003.  She was in service for a total of 42 years.

2. Carnivale

photo: Wikipedia

photo: Wikipedia

Before being sold to Carnival in 1976, Carnivale was called Queen Ann Maria for the operator Greek Line.  In 1993, Carnival transferred her over to a subsidiary cruise line, Fiesta Marina Cruises.  After a few other cruise lines and the ultimate name of Topaz sailing under the Peace Boat Organization, she was retired and laid up in April 2008.  That summer, the ship was beached in India to be scrapped, and the process was completed in 2009.

3. Festivale

Festivale - Carnival Cruise Line by By Krdort - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

photo: Wikipedia

Carnival acquired Festivale in 1977 from the South African Marine Corporation.  She was originally a mail service ocean liner, but when Carnival bought her, they refit her into a cruise ship in Japan for $30 million.  A few cruise lines later, she ended up with Premier Cruise Line sailing under the name Big Red Boat III.  When Premier went bankrupt in 2000, their ships were seized, and Big Red Boat III was so old, no one else wanted her.  She was ultimately scrapped in 2003.

4. Tropicale

Tropicale as Ocean Dream for Pullmantur - photo: Wikipedia

Tropicale as Ocean Dream for Pullmantur – photo: Wikipedia

Tropicale was a monumental ship for Carnival, as she was their very first new build.  She began sailing in 1982 mainly in the Caribbean.  The ship was then transferred to Costa as Costa Tropicale, then P&O Australia as the Pacific Star.  After that, she was sold to Pullmantur Cruises, refurbished, and sailed as Ocean Dream.  As of 2012, Ocean Dream left Pullmantur, and is chartered to Peace Boat.

5. Holiday

photo: Wikipedia

photo: Wikipedia

Carnival’s ship Holiday was ordered and built for them in Denmark, and entered service in 1985.  In 2003, she was refurbished, and in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina, she was used as temporary housing for victims of the storm.  She sailed from Alabama to the western Caribbean until 2009, when she was transferred to the fleet of Iberocruceros, another cruise line owned by Carnival Corp.  After that, she was transferred to the Ibero Cruises fleet, and was transformed into a floating hotel for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.  In spring of last year, she was sold to the British cruise line Cruise & Maritime Voyages and sails for them under the name Magellan.

6. Jubilee

Jubilee as Pacific Sun for P&O - photo: Wikipedia

Jubilee as Pacific Sun for P&O – photo: Wikipedia

Jubilee was built in Sweden in 1986 for Carnival Cruise Line, and Celebration and Holiday were her near-sister ships.  In 2004, she was transferred to P&O Cruises Australia and renamed Pacific Sun.  In 2012, Pacific Sun left P&O and was sold to HNA Cruises, who named her Henna.  She sailed for them until November 2015, when HNA shut down operations after three years of losing money.  Since the ship’s last cruise with them, she’s been laid up at the scrap yard in Alang, India.

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7. Celebration

Celebration as Grand Celebration - photo: Wikipedia

Celebration as Grand Celebration – photo: Wikipedia

The Celebration was built for Carnival in 1986 in Sweden.  She sailed for them until 2008, when she underwent a refurbishment and began sailing for Iberocruceros as the Grand Celebration.  In May 2014, she was transferred to Costa, and after a very short-lived run, was sold to the newly formed Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line to begin sailing in February 2015.  The ship currently continues to sail with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line.

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