How to Avoid Getting Seasick

If you look the word “seasickness” up online, it will say: a sickness resulting from the pitching and rolling of a ship or boat in water, especially at sea. If you want to get all web MD, its your brain adjusting to an unstable environment.  Today I was asked a question from a co-worker:
What’s the best way to avoid getting sea sick on a cruise?
I had a lot of answers for him so I was briefly share with you what we chatted about from my personal experiences.
  • Book a room in the lower part of the ship and towards the center, the closer you are to the bottom of the ship, the less rocking you will experience.
  • Book a smaller ship (they go into small destinations and not out in the open waters)
  • Try to keep a full stomach.
  • Stay out of the sun
  • Pack Dramamine
  • Get a pressure point wrist band — its goes back to acupuncture. There is a pressure point about an inch above your wrist.
  • Easy on the booze
  • Stay hydrated with water
  • Eat bread/crackers to absorb the acid in your stomach
  • Lay down and look at the horizon, it will give your brain a reference point to focus on
  • Keep your ears clean

As you can imagine, after hearing all those he was sorry he asked, but those are some remedies that I swear by. These are just a few and I welcome your comments!!

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4 Responses

  1. The tips are great. I would also say not getting all worked up about it is key. Many times people sych themselves up that they will get sick. I have been on several cruises and rarely are the seas rough like during my navy days on a small frigate. Cruiselines make it a point to avoid rough seas! They know if you are sick that you wont gamble or drink…
    which means less revenue! Also, most ships have stabilizers….so relax and enjoy!

  2. I ALWAYS get seasick on the water. Great tips! The looking at the horizon is the best one that works for me. I do that for a few minutes and I am fine. I never thought about getting a room in the center of the ship, that would make sense. You wouldn’t be swaying back and forth like you would in the outer rooms. Thanks, Doug!

  3. My brother and his bride took a Princess ship in the Baltic on their honeymoon when a major storm hit. After consulting with a crew member, they went to the lowest deck possible (in the crew area) and sat dead center. No motion at all…

    A crew member gave me a great tip for quelling a rolling stomach. Eat apples and crackers (order from room service) which absorbs the acid in the stomach. Do not drink anything or lie down. Go out on deck and stare at the horizon. Works great. Also, pregnant mothers can try ginger (buy it fresh in the supermarket).

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