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How to Avoid Getting Seasick



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If you look the word “seasickness” up online, it will say: a sickness resulting from the pitching and rolling of a ship or boat in water, especially at sea. If you want to get all web MD, its your brain adjusting to an unstable environment.  Today I was asked a question from a co-worker:
What’s the best way to avoid getting sea sick on a cruise?
I had a lot of answers for him so I was briefly share with you what we chatted about from my personal experiences.
  • Book a room in the lower part of the ship and towards the center, the closer you are to the bottom of the ship, the less rocking you will experience.
  • Book a smaller ship (they go into small destinations and not out in the open waters)
  • Try to keep a full stomach.
  • Stay out of the sun
  • Pack Dramamine
  • Get a pressure point wrist band — its goes back to acupuncture. There is a pressure point about an inch above your wrist.
  • Easy on the booze
  • Stay hydrated with water
  • Eat bread/crackers to absorb the acid in your stomach
  • Lay down and look at the horizon, it will give your brain a reference point to focus on
  • Keep your ears clean

As you can imagine, after hearing all those he was sorry he asked, but those are some remedies that I swear by. These are just a few and I welcome your comments!!

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