Vaping Policies: Can You Vape Aboard a Cruise?

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Vaping on a cruise while overlooking the vast starry sky and gorgeous marine landscape sounds like a moment of pure escapism. But can you actually vape aboard a cruise, or will you be forced to rely on nicotine patches? 

Not all cruises are created equal for vapers. Read on as we discuss everything you need to know about vaping on a cruise, including cruise line policies, international laws, and general tips on how to pack a vaporizer pen when going on a sea trip.

Note: This article was originally published in August 2019. It was updated in February 2024.

What Are the Cruise Lines’ Policies?

Carnival Panorama front view
Photo via Carnival

Generally, the use of e-cigarettes on cruise ships is regulated by the same rules as smoking: it’s only allowed in designated smoking areas. 

Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian, three of the world’s biggest cruise lines, all follow this policy. MSC, Princess, Holland America, Disney, Celebrity, and Virgin have also adopted this rule.

What if you dare to use your gadget somewhere where it’s banned? Most cruise lines charge a several hundred dollar fine for violation of their vaping policy. 

If you use your gadget outside the designated smoking areas, you might find yourself on the other end of a hundred-dollar fine for violation of their vaping policy. 

How to Pack Your Vape Gear and E-liquids for the Cruise?

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Photo: flickr/Nicole Hanusek

The problem with any electronic device with a lithium-ion battery is that it tends to catch fire or explode if it suffers damage or overheats. That’s why strict guidelines are developed for transporting those items by ship or plane. 

This is how you should pack your vaporizer pen when going on a sea trip:

  • Disconnect the battery from your vaporizer pen before packing. While you’re at it, pack a spare battery as a backup power source in case the primary battery runs out or encounters any issues during your trip.
  • If the battery can’t be disassembled, ensure the power button is turned off and secured to avoid accidental activation.
  • Place your e-cig in its original box or use a proper carrying case to protect the device inside your luggage.
  • Bring an adequate supply of replaceable components such as coils, wicks, and a charger for your vaping device.

And this is how you should pack e-liquids:

  • Decide how much e-juice you need for your whole trip. Make sure to stock enough e-liquid to last until return as, in most cases, you won’t be able to buy it on board. And what are the chances that you find your favorite brand in a place you’re traveling to?
  • Store your e-juice in plastic bottles. The risk of cracking will be lower than with glass bottles. 
  • Place the bottles in a plastic bag with a zipper. 

If you’re getting to the port by plane, you should follow the mentioned rules, plus a few more:

  • Dissemble all the removable parts from your vape pen. 
  • Keep all vaping gear in your check-in luggage.
  • Store your e-liquids in bottles that can hold no more than 100ml.

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What Are the International Vaping Laws?

airplane in the blue sky

Many ships sail international waters where the international maritime law applies. In territorial waters, the laws of a particular country are applicable.

Some countries, like Brazil, Malaysia, Norway, Turkey, and Thailand, ban vaping. Others prohibit the use of nicotine-containing liquids. The regulations vary from country to country.

Luckily, local vaping bans don’t apply to ships in port. So you’ll only have to comply with the rules of the specific cruise line you’re sailing.

You might be wondering, what if you inadvertently violate the law? The consequences may include confiscation of the vaping device, a fine, or, in worse-case scenarios, imprisonment.

The Consensus: Vaping on Cruises

Royal Caribbean cruise line
Photo via Royal Caribbean

Here are some general tips for any vaper who is going on a cruise:

  • Vaping regulations are constantly changing. Before your travel, either check your specific cruise line’s website or call for the current policy. 
  • Make inquiries on the requirements for packaging for a smooth security check and overall onboard safety.
  • Check the government websites of your destination countries and find out local laws and regulations regarding e-cigarette use.
  • On the first day, ask the staff if vaping is permitted and inquire where it’s allowed.
  • Comply with rules and be polite and courteous. Why ruin your own vacation by doing something your fellow cruisers are not fond of? 

It may seem that going on a cruise may not be the best way of traveling for a vaper. Indeed, it has some disadvantages.

You may find it inconvenient and even unnecessary to invest in a special carrying case for your vape, but adhering to certain guidelines for packing is essential for security reasons. 

Plus, it’s a safe and smart way of transporting your vape gear since decreases the risks of it getting damaged.

Be respectful and conscientious of the rules, and you’ll have a good time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do they sell vapes on cruise ships?

Yes, some cruise ships sell vapes and e-cigarettes. You can usually find them in gift shops or designated areas that sell tobacco. 
However, cruises that sell vapes are few and far between. If you’re interested in purchasing a vape during your vacation, contact the cruise beforehand and inquire about the availability of vaping products. 

What is Carnival Cruise’s vape policy?

Aboard the Carnival Cruise, travelers can vape in designated exterior open deck areas (Deck 17) and in the casino, but only when seated and playing. Vaping isn’t allowed at the casino bar.

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