Carnival Breeze Day 2: Bonjour from Marseille

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One of the marinas downtown in Marsielle, France.

I am still stuck in the Eastern Time zone, but slowly getting adjusted to being six hours ahead. We were in Marseille, France today and it was cool. I’ve yet to do breakfast on the ship but will soon. You disembark on deck 0 forward in two lines so it makes getting on and off the ship very easy.

Since I never been to Marseille before I just took the shuttle into down. The downtown area was very cool and The round trip shuttle was 12 euro and ran about every 20-minutes. Once getting downtown I walked around for a couple hours, checked out some of the local cafes and shops and then went to Starbucks to work for a little bit. The town is under a lot of heavy construction, but very easily navigable.

Back on the ship we had an interview with CEO of Carnival, Gerry Cahill. We were able to talk to him about 15-minutes and learned a lot of the insides of why Carnival went to more of a contemporary design verses the flashy Vegas look. I’m sure he thinks that Matt and I are nuts, or he’s just a very kind person to tolerate the interview. We had a blast with him!

Carnival Breeze leaving Marsielle, France.

After the interviews we went to Guy’s Burger Joint where I managed to scarf down two more burgers – The Pig Patty and the Plain Jane, both with the hand cut fries. If you’re a burger lover, the whole menu will make you drool.

The sailaway out of Marseille was very cool. It’s a mountainous region.

At 5:30, we had a media briefing with a lot of the VP’s and execs from the company, along with the CEO, it lasted about an hour. During the press conference it hit me that I was slowly fading and the coffee couldn’t keep me awake. I wound up going to the cabin afterwards and passing out, sleeping through dinner and the comedy show. Matt came in the room around midnight and woke me, at that point I was sleeping for five hours, a much needed five hours.

Got up, went to the RedFrog Pub to hang for about an hour, went to get pizza, took a couple of videos and then went back to the room.

Balcony stateroom on the Carnival Breeze.

Tomorrow night we are going to check out the new steakhouse aboard, try out the ropes course, and make a stop by the sushi place. I’m still waiting to try Fat Jimmy’s C-Side BBQ, it’s only open on sea days. They are still work-shopping when to open it. Right now, it’s on sea days because that’s when the Lido area is the most crowded.

As for right now, I’m going to explore Livorno, Italy. Be sure to follow all of our pictures on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and our SeaBlogs.
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