Carnival Rolls Out Health Screening App to All U.S. Homeports

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In an attempt to make embarkation easier and faster, Carnival Cruise Line has rolled out the VeriFly app to all of its United States homeports.

Back in January 2022, Carnival Cruise Line introduced a health screening app called VeriFLY into its embarkation process in Port Canaveral, starting with Mardi Gras. Already widely used by the airline industry, the free VeriFLY app allows passengers to upload their proof of COVID-19 vaccination and testing information so that it can be verified ahead of sailing.

Now, the cruise line has announced that it had a successful pilot program with the application and has launched it fleetwide in all of its United States homeports. According to Carnival, guests who choose to use the VeriFLY app can expect the time it takes to complete the health assessment process during embarkation to be cut in half.

verifly app carnival cruise line
(Image courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line)

During the line’s first test of the app on Mardi Gras, over 85 percent of the 2,000 passengers who were sailing opened an email invitation to try the app, and followed through by downloading it.

“We were very pleased to hear about the success of the VeriFLY app used in the pilot stage with Carnival Cruise Line and are now excited to see the full deployment of VeriFLY fleetwide for all ships in all of its U.S. homeports,” said Tom Grissen, CEO of Daon — the biometrics company that makes VeriFLY.

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carnival cruise line verifly app
(Image courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line)

VeriFLY is available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded, guests can search for Carnival Cruise Line and then complete the required steps. Once finished, a VeriFLY pass will be issued in the app to present at embarkation.

Passengers who choose not to use the VeriFLY app are still able to complete their pre-cruise tasks on and present required COVID-19 documents during the embarkation process at the terminal.

As of mid-2021, another cruise line, Viking, has also been using the VeriFLY system.

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