Carnival Legend Deck Plan

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The Carnival Legend is nothing short of completely legendary. Leaving from Honolulu, Hawaii; Seattle, Washington; or Vancouver, BC, Canada – you’ll be setting sail to either chilly and beautiful Alaska or the tropical paradise of Hawaii. With 12 decks and a capacity to hold 2,124 guests, you and your friends or family will be sure to embark on a sweet getaway that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

The Legend features some fun, new entertainment, like the Green Thunder waterslide – a rush of adrenaline that you won’t be able to get enough of. There’s also Bonsai Sushi, where you’ll be able to feast on some of the freshest sushi rolls you can get. We’re on the ocean, after all! Don’t forget to check out Playlist Productions, where you’ll be treated to an incredible performance by the ship’s many talented actors and singers.

Of course, there are the regular favorites on the Legend that have been around for ages. Shoot for the lucky stars at Club Merlin Casino, dive into the Avalon and Camelot pools, or indulge at the fun Unicorn Cafe or The Golden Fleece Steakhouse.

Parents, get ready for some total relaxation time. Your kids will be safe and sound at Camp Ocean while you kick back and sip on your favorite beverage at the Serenity adults-only retreat. Falling asleep in the sunlight is not only encouraged, but recommended. For a perfect night out, you can drop into the Punchliner Comedy Club, then dance on over to Medusa’s Lair.

It’s a guarantee that you won’t have a short supply of things to do and people to see when you’re on the Carnival Legend. From blood-rushing fun to delicious dining to blissful poolside activities, taking a trip on this ship is one for the books. Who says being at sea isn’t as fun as the destinations?

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Carnival Legend deck plans