Carnival Raises Faster to the Fun Price

The good news: When sailing on most Carnival Cruise Line ships, you can still purchase the Faster To The Fun package. The bad news? On many of those ships, taking the happiness highway’s express lane is gonna cost you a little extra.

How Much Will It Cost?

While in the past, the Faster To The Fun package came in at $49.95 per stateroom, that is now the starting price, available on 2, 3 and some 4-day sailings.

Price Breakdown:

• 5-day sailings $69.95, except on the Sensation and Victory, where the price is $59.95
• 6- and 7-day sailings, $69.95
• 8 days or longer, $79.95


  • Special security screening lanes and an express boarding lane
  • Immediate access to your stateroom
  • Priority luggage handling
  • Priority tendering times where applicable
  • Choose debarkation times and
  • Priority dinner time assignments

For full details, click here.

Details, Details

As was true in the past, Faster To The Fun is not available in every port. Currently, it can be purchased for sailings originating out of Baltimore, Charleston, Fort Lauderdale, Galveston, Jacksonville, Long Beach, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Port Canaveral, San Juan, Seattle and Tampa. And beginning on November 19, it will also be available out of Mobile.

It’s important to remember that when purchasing the package, the cost if per stateroom, not per guest. And of course, this is a completely optional purchase. In fact, it’s only available to a limited number of cruisers on each sailing so as to prevent the FTTF lines from becoming as long as the regular ones would be

Have you purchased a Faster To The Fun pass in the past? Will a price increase impact whether or not you will do so on an upcoming cruise?

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