Carnival Vista Completes Maritime Tradition

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In a time-honored maritime tradition, a ceremony was held earlier today aboard Carnival Vista at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy, during which a commemorative coin was welded to the ship’s mast to mark a significant construction milestone.

Six-year-old Kye Heald holding the coin at the shipyard.

It is a longstanding tradition to select a godmother – or “madrina” – to preside over the ceremony. In this case, however, Carnival selected a “godchild” – six-year-old Kye Heald, the daughter of the company’s Senior Cruise Director and Brand Ambassador John Heald, who handled her duties admirably.

What is a Coin Ceremony?

Sr. Cruise Director John Heald and his six-year-old daughter Kye Heald.

The Coin Ceremony is an event which takes place at the keel laying, in the early stages of a ship’s construction. In it, the shipbuilders place one or two coins under the keelblock of the new ship to bless the ship and as a symbol of good fortune.

Debuting Soon

Carnival Vista taking shape in the shipyard.

With just 11 months until Carnival Vista’s maiden voyage, work continues on the ship’s unique on-board innovations which include the first IMAX Theater on a cruise ship, a suspended cycling experience called SkyRide, the line’s first on-board brewery, and Carnival’s first inner-tube raft slide, the 455-foot-long Kaleid-o-Slide.

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