How Carnival is Making Cruises Safer

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For many Americans, INTERPOL is something we associate with movies in which spies in tuxedos run around foreign cities trying to capture bad guys. But starting this month, the agency — also known as the International Criminal Police Organization — will have a much bigger impact on those of us who enjoy cruising. Thanks to a unique deal struck between INTERPOL and Carnival Corporation, passengers boarding ships will be helping create a new standard for security screening and safety around the world.

How it Works

Thanks to a security system known as I-Checkit, travel documents presented by passengers as part of their check-in procedure will automatically be screened against INTERPOL’s Stolen And Lost Travel Documents database. In essence, this will help prevent unauthorized people from using your passport and other identifying documents illegally.

Although this is being rolled out across Carnival’s 10 brands and 101 ships as of now, the program has actually been tested over the past three months on four Princess ships. (For those who didn’t know, Princess is a division of Carnival.)

“Partnering with INTERPOL allows us to seamlessly enhance security across our global fleet while also maintaining our commitment to providing our guests with a great vacation experience,” said Bill Burke, chief maritime officer for Carnival. “This is another important step for our company and industry as we continue taking proactive measures to enhance the safety and security of our passengers and crew members.”

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