MSC Cruises’ Private Island Gets $100M Expansion in Bahamas

A year-round cruise ship from MSC Cruises floats gracefully in front of a lighthouse in Ocean Cay.

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MSC Cruises announced it will expand Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, its private destination in the Bahamas.

msc meraviglia ocean cay
MSC Meraviglia docked at Ocean Cay (Photo courtesy of MSC)

The cruise line’s plans, valued at $100 million, include adding guest and staff amenities while improving its marine conservation facilities.

During a ceremony in Bimini, MSC formalized its private development program by signing an agreement with the government.

Prime Minister Philip Davis and other key government officials expressed their support and were in attendance. The additional investment aims to provide long-term economic benefits and generate substantial local employment opportunities.

More Guest Amenities

MSC plans to introduce more food and beverage options to Ocean Cay, a diving and snorkeling center, and excursion centers where guests can avail of island tours and water activities.

Expansion of staff accommodations

ocean cay msc marine reserve
Ocean Cay

Another enhancement is the expansion of staff accommodations, allowing the exclusive resort to accommodate 280 employees instead of 150. 

A new marine conservation center

A new marine conservation center will also be built for students, coral reef experts, and biologists. It will be home to coral exhibition tanks, a lecture hall, and interactive pavilions that will help build awareness about the importance of preserving marine ecosystems.

Third solar farm

A third solar farm will be installed in line with MSC’s zero greenhouse emissions goal for Ocean Cay. In addition, the company will build a wastewater treatment plant and adopt a landscaping plan that entails planting native and adaptive plants to promote the local ecosystem’s health.

Support for Bahamian seafarers

beach umbrellas white sand
(Cruise Radio)

The cruise operator also expressed its commitment to the training of seafarers in the Bahamas by pledging its support to the University of the Bahamas and the LJM Maritime Academy.

During the winter sailing season from 2023 to 2024, passengers can visit Ocean Cay by booking cruises aboard the MSC Magnifica, MSC Divina, MSC Seascape, MSC Seashore, and MSC Meraviglia, which will all be visiting the island.

MSC Cruises Private island gets $100M expansion

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